Review:  Fiancé For Hire
FIANCÉ FOR HIRE - Sharon C. Cooper

Men For Hire

Amaris Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: FIANCÉ FOR HIRE is the first release of a three-book stand-alone series authored by three outstanding writers, Sharon C. Cooper, Reese Ryan, and Delaney Diamond. Drevon Ross and Antika Wilcox are the lead couple in this engaging story. Drevon is a professional model and actor. Antika is an ex-WNBA player who is currently a District Manager for a top-notch liquor distributor.

I love how these two get together. Drevon’s aunt, Viola Ross, has a lot to do with them becoming a couple. I’m not going to give too much away here, but I will say that along with her husband, Aunt Vi owns At Your Service, a very lucrative business that provides their clients with handymen for home repair services to a date for a special occasion. That’s where Antika comes in. She is in need of an escort for a very important company affair. It makes you wonder why a successful attractive woman like Antika is in need of an escort. I’ll allow you to discover our heroine’s dicey predicament when you read the story. So, how did Drevon get roped into becoming an escort? He is at the top of his “game” and is recognized everywhere he goes. That’s another intriguing aspect of this story that I know you will enjoy discovering. Drevon and Antika go from client-escort to a whole lot more in a short period of time. They sizzle together and produce a whole lot of heat!

The side characters play important roles in the lives of our heroine and hero. From Annika’s bestie, Tamera to Drevon’s boys, Montez and Jet, they all give advice and support to our couple whether they ask for it or not. I love the rapport between Drevon, Montez, and Jet (John Edward Thomas). You’ll get to meet them again in their own stories by the other two authors of this series. At the opposite end of the side character spectrum are Edward and Kendall, who get a big Boo-Hiss. You’ll discover why when you read the story. The Epilogue is a total surprise and marks a wonderful beginning filled with endless possibilities for our couple.

FIANCÉ FOR HIRE is a delightful, well-written and totally entertaining story. I recommend it for your reading pleasure, and I look forward to reading the two remaining stories in this series.

1st October 2023 |