Review: Falling in Love on Sweetwater Lane
Mistletoe, Maine (Book #3)
Berkley Forever

Brenda Larnell (B+)
REVIEW: FALLING IN LOVE ON SWEETWATER LANE is an engaging story about two people who are resisting the pull of love because of tragic events that happened in their pasts. Once again, the author, Belle Calhoune, takes us to Mistletoe, Maine, a picturesque, familiar setting for her stories, and introduces us to Harlow Jones, a veterinarian, and reintroduces us to Nick Keegan. We first met Nick in SUMMER ON BLACKBERRY BEACH which is the story of his brother, Luke, and his lady love, Stella Marshall. As it happens, Stella and Harlow were college roommates. At the beginning of the story, Nick saves Harlow’s life when she becomes involved in an one-car crash. Nick is a member of the Search & Rescue team. Harlow is planning to live in Mistletoe for just a year, and work as a vet in a deal with the State to pay off her student loans. She swears that she is not a fan of small-town life-a bitter memory from her childhood.

I enjoyed Nick and Harlow’s story that chronicles their friendship. When that friendship begins to morph into a serious relationship, that’s where the story gets a little bogged down in their past lives, where tragic events set the tone for them being wary of a future together. Nick and Harlow have a lot of baggage that they carry around. Of the two, Harlow has literally carried the grim weighty events of her youth around for years. Even with the help and advice from her twin brother, Malcolm, she can’t seem to get past what happened to her father that changed the dynamic of their family structure, and as a result, what is happening to her mother.

In spite of the slow-paced storyline, there are some refreshing highlights worth noting: Nick’s son, Miles, perspective of his father and Harlow’s relationship, the “Trick or Treat” Halloween incident, and the damage that a small-town gossip mill can do. You’ll get that when you read the book. FALLING IN LOVE ON SWEETWATER LANE is story that looks at family dynamic and how past incidents influence the future. It’s a solid story that gets a little stalled when our couple has problems moving forward. I still recommend it for your reading pleasure, especially if you are a small-town romance fan

21st Fabruary 2023 |