Review:  Falling For Dr. Maverick

Montana Mavericks: Lassoing Love (Book #4)

Harlequin Special Edition


Brenda Larnell (B+)


REVIEW: Welcome back to Big Sky Country, home of the rodeo stars, the Burris Brother and the Hawkins Sisters. We met these two illustrious families in an earlier book, IN THE RING WITH THE MAVERICK.  We are back in Bronco, Montana, and this time the spotlight is on Corinne Hawkins and Mike Burris. I love how the story begins with the wedding of Jack Burris and Audrey Hawkins, the stars of IN THE RING WITH THE MAVERICK. Everybody there is focused on Jack and Audrey except Mike Burris, who is waiting to see his girl, Corinne. It’s no secret that Mike has a thing for Corinne, and she has a thing for him. However, their relationship is shaky.

We follow Mike and Corinne as they try to work out their long-distance relationship. Mike is in medical school in Chicago, and Corinne is in Bronco, and wherever the rodeo schedule takes her and her well-known Hawkins sisters as they continue to perform on the rodeo circuit. Although Mike was a rodeo performer with his famous siblings, he is now retired and a full-time med student. Mike and Corinne’s relationship goes through a lot of changes, and we are witnesses to that strained relationship. From just friends to just dating, to no commitment, you will experience it all. It’s complicated, folks, and at times, our heroine seems a little self-centered. The scene when Corinne visits Mike in Chicago, and she leaves abruptly in her feelings because Mike was afforded an opportunity to observe a surgery in his field of medicine is just one example where they find themselves back at square one. However, Mike is determined to “keep hope alive” and to keep Corrine. I like this couple, but finding their HFN was not easy.

As side characters, the Burris brothers and the Hawkins sisters serve as a source of support for our couple. They helped Mike and Corinne grapple with their rocky relationship. The HFN is satisfying and takes their relationship to another level.

I enjoyed
FALLING FOR DR. MAVERICK, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. It is a story written in perfect harmony with the theme of the Harlequin Special Edition stories: “Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness

1st October 2023 |