Review: Expecting A Fortune


The Fortunes of Texas: Digging for Secrets (Book #3)

Harlequin Fortunes of Texas


Cherly McNeil (B+)


REVIEW: The books in The Fortune of Texas Series are stand alone; however, each book includes information about a mystery related to the Fortune family that will be solved in the final installment. EXPECTING A FORTUNE features Devin Street, a single dad who owns the Chatelaine Daily news. Bea Fortune is a business owner and is excited about opening her café. Early in the book, it’s clear that someone is trying to sabotage her restaurant opening.

Bea is attracted to Devin and the times she interacts with him; she feels like an awkward schoolgirl. They speak briefly in passing and a tingling sensation in his neck causes him to look back. There is mutual interest below the surface. Devin has wanted to ask Bea out, but his journalistic interest in the mystery related to her family, causes him to hesitate.

Bea is excited to attend her sister Esme’s wedding and honored to cater for the reception. Devin attends as well, and the pair get the opportunity to share a dance and quality time getting to know each other. They share a heated kiss and decide to explore their budding attraction.

The unexpected pregnancy is part of the book’s plot, so readers know this in advance. Ms. Crespo explores how two individuals navigate their friendship and relationship, a bit out of order. Devin’s newspaper is also tied to the anonymous critic that reviews restaurants. The preview of Bea’s café is a bit harsh, which causes a fracture in their growing friendship. Through all of this, Bea and Devin can learn about themselves and each other. Bea is divorced and has lingering feelings of insecurities from the failed marriage. Devin and his ex-wife are co-parenting their teen daughter, Carly. He also has a busy work schedule which causes work/family balance issues. He must navigate the delicate situation of introducing Bea to Carly, considering their situation. Devin is a caregiver by nature and that is demonstrated in the way he cares for Bea right away, but her insecurities may get in the way.

Some of the side characters are featured in other books in the series so there are a lot of characters to keep up with. In addition to this, there were unanswered questions about what happened in a mining accident years ago. I knew this in advance, however, I still found myself looking for closure. Despite this, I enjoyed how Ms. Crespo explored this couple’s journey and co-parenting at different levels; when a relationship is over and when it is just beginning. I recommend
EXPECTING A FORTUNE for your reading pleasure.

28th April 2024 |