Review: ER Doc's Las Vegas Reunion


Harlequin Medical Romance


Shirley Fleming (A)


REVIEW: After the breakup with her fiancé, Dr. Eva Gordon accepts a temporary three-month assignment at Freemont General Hospital in Las Vegas. Eva needed time away to clear her head and decide her next move. She never envisioned running into her best friend from medical school, Clark Malone. Clark and Eva had once been very close. But one night together forever changed their relationship. They lost touch and never saw each other again until now. For Eva, their relationship was casual. Her focus was on becoming a doctor like her father. Clark envisioned them building a life together. Seeing Eva again reminds him of his worst mistake, giving his heart to another only to have it broken. But the more time they spend together in and out of the hospital, the more they realize this could be fate, giving them a second chance at love.

Clark is a dedicated doctor at Freemont General Hospital in Las Vegas. His professional life is everything he could have asked for. His personal life, not so much. Because of a painful incident in his past, he’s afraid to give his heart to another, so he only dates casually. Eva is an ER doctor at Black Willow Medical Center in her hometown. She has always done exactly what her parents wanted, especially when choosing a medical school and a mate for life.

ER DOC’S LAS VEGAS REUNION is a delightful read from beginning to end. The author did an excellent job with the storyline. The characters are well-developed and likable. The pacing has no slowdown, and the story is easy to follow. The two main characters, Clark and Eva, have a history. A history that began years ago in medical school. Even though they started as friends, their intense attraction led to one fiery night together. When they meet again face to face, that attraction still burns bright. Trying to work together and fight their obvious feelings for each other puts a strain on Eva and Clark. But that can only work for a short time. True love will not be denied. Great debut for Ms. Wheatley!

I loved reading Clark and Eva’s story in
ER DOC’S LAS VEGAS REUNION. They were very suited to each other in work and love. I most definitely recommend this book. Medicine and love. What a great combination.   

1st February 2024 |