Review: Dying Without You
DYING WITHOUT YOU - Stephanie Nicole Norris

The Clarks of Northshire Bend

Love Is A Drug Publications


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW:  I thought I could never have a favorite Clark brother because they are all hero material: heart protectors, soul defenders, love givers, pleasure releasers.  Right? However, after reading DYING WITHOUT YOU, I have come to the conclusion that Langston is “THE MAN”. After being betrayed by his girlfriend, Destiny, Langston has to seek therapy to work some things out. That’s a plus in my book! He has to get his mind and his heart right for Lisa Sharpton, one-third of the popular singing divas who composed Genesis Rising. What a h o t couple! The steam is real! WYKYK! Lisa is definitely the yin to Langston’s yang. She is fierce.

The suspense, drama, and intrigue that prolific Stephanie Nicole Norris coats the action-packed storyline with fueled a page-turner.
There are cryptic and mysterious messages, gun battles, kidnapping, and a timely rescue that gives this story life! Remember, Langston Jamal Clark is a Homeland Security agent and a member of the Elite Alliance. We found that out in THE CLARKS OF NORTHSHIRE BEND: A Prelude. There’s one thing that really stands out and speaks to Langston’s character. He prays before he goes into action. A praying hero…now that’s special! Not only is Lisa’s life threatened, but the Queen of the Clark’s, the Clark men’s mother, Cynthia is also at risk. Let me not forget Destiny. Yes, fans, she’s swept up in the mayhem, too. TC will definitely pay! No spoilers. You will have to read the book to understand that reference.

Of course, when one Clark brother is attacked, the other brothers, are with him all the way. Malik (
HIS MAIN ATTRACTION), Tristan (IGNITING HIS OBSESSION), and Derek (HER NAUGHTY SUITOR) have Langston’s back. If you have read their stories, you know they do not play. If you haven’t read them, what are you waiting on? I love King Isaac Winthrope’s (the Royals of Kera Asnela, Africa) role in this story. He really steps up to the proverbial plate. You’ll get it when you read the story.

The story ends with a trip to Kera Asnela, but I know it’s not the end, but a new beginning. I recommend
DYING WITHOUT YOU: ELITE ALLIANCE for your reading pleasure. It’s a real page-turner, and a copacetic second chance at love for the hero.

6th June 2023 |