Review: Designs on a Rancher
Texas Cattleman's Club: The Wedding (Book #2)
Harlequin Desire

Cheryl McNeil (B+)
REVIEW: Laquette’s latest book, DESIGNS ON A RANCHER, places the reader back in Royal, Texas. Keely Tucker was born and bred in Brooklyn, New York. She’s growing her designer business from B-list celebrities to A-list, thanks to a great opportunity to style a wedding gown for actress, Ariana Romos. As Keely settles in to her suite in Royal to work on the dress, the power goes out in most of the town. Ariana comes to the rescue and finds the perfect place for Keely to spread out and work on her gown.

Jacob Chatman owns the premier horse ranch in Royal and is married to his business. He begrudgingly agrees to let Keely stay in one of the cabins on his property. The original plan is to ignore Keely, however, that is hard to do as Jacob notices that she is thick, curvy and sexy; just how he likes his women. Jacob is not what Keely expects and is equally caught off guard. His deep voice rumbled through the night air. Despite the attraction, they don’t get off on the right foot. Jacob makes snarky comments to fight his attraction, but Keely isn’t having it and goes toe to toe with him. He has no right to be sexy, and a pain in the butt at the same time.

The theme is opposites attract on the surface. Keely is from the big city and Jacob is a cowboy through and through. However, they also have a lot in common. Their careers are their priority, and they don’t have time to cultivate a relationship. Keely wants “friends with benefits” but has had trouble getting the “friend” part satisfied in the past. They are blunt when it comes to what they want, but are also thoughtful and caring. They are in tune with each other pretty quickly and the physical scenes are steamy. The book explores what happens when someone’s feeling grow deeper than a casual fling.

Curvy and confident women and positive body images are themes in Laquette’s books. The conflict and subsequent wrap of the story seems a bit rushed, but overall, I enjoyed DESIGNS ON A RANCHER and recommend it.

1st March 2023 |