Review: Defender After Dark


The Night Guardians (Book #2)

Harlequin Romantic Suspense


Shirley Fleming (A)


REVIEW: Detective Mark Hawthorne and Britt Gronlund stare at each other across a crime scene and their attraction is instant. A ruthless businessman has been murdered and Mark is the lead detective. This businessman has been buying up small businesses in town. When the owners refuse, he threatens them and then trashes their businesses. Britt is a victim of his threats, but she refuses to back down. Plus, she has a police detective on her side. Mark and Britt’s relationship develops quickly. They go out on dates amid Mark’s search for a killer. A piece of jewelry belonging to Britt is found in the victim’s car. Although Britt is upset, Mark has no choice but to question her like any other suspect. Of course, this causes a bump in the road for them. After talking, they are able to get back on track. It is interesting to watch Mark and Britt’s relationship develop. Mark is protective of Britt, and she is aware of his stress level and responded accordingly.

Mark is a detective on the trail of a killer. To his delight, he is the lead detective on the case. He has been waiting for a chance to further prove his skills as a policeman. Britt moves to Vaughn to escape her past and opens a bakery to begin a new chapter in her life. This proves to be a good move with all the foot traffic in her bakery daily.

DEFENDER AFTER DARK is a good story. It is a drama-action-filled suspense with romance to make it even more interesting. The characters and the story are well-developed. For Britt and Mark, it is lust at first sight. All it takes is one look and these two cannot stay away from each other. All the twists and turns and so many suspects make it difficult to figure out the identity of the killer in this page-turner. The victim is so unscrupulous that half the town disliked him. That’s what makes the story so intriguing.

I loved reading
DEFENDER AFTER DARK. It is the second book in (The Night Guardians Series). I recommend this book for your reading pleasure. Enjoy this sweet romance at your leisure. The suspense will keep you guessing and reading to the end.

13th May 2024 |