Review: Crowned Maddens

CROWNED MADDENS - Sherelle Green

Dark Trinity (Prelude)

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Reviewer:  Cheryl McNeil |  Rating: A


REVIEW: CROWNED MADDENS is USA Today bestselling author Sherelle Green’s prelude to a new gritty series: The Dark Trinity. The book explores an unknown connection between the Crowne and Madden families. The trinity has been inactive for over thirty years and was started by Dutchess’ father, Idris Jones, Stan’s father, Freeman Crowne, and Mason Madden’s father, Martin Madden. One of the most surprising things was finding out about demons Mason Madden has fought for years and realizing he is more like his son, Carter, than we imagined. The trinity is being revived with the Crownes and Maddens at the helm; better known as “The Authority.”

Ms. Green explores the importance of family alliances. Two powerful families are preparing to join in marriage. Readers meet Honey Crowne, niece of Stan and Dutchess and her fiancé, Jalid Wolfe. Jalid and his brother, Chando, are the youngest “Governors,” next in the line of power to the Authority. The Maverick and King families are the other Governors. The King family inclusion is an example of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Honey and Jalid have found true love in each other; however, certain things are not meant to be.

Pope Maverick is next in line in leadership of his family. While reading, I suspected that he has not gotten over the love he lost. I was shocked to learn that he and his twin brother Rome are dealing with another revealed secret. Ms. Green explores love, love lost and family duty. Pope no longer cares about love but understands what he needs to do to move his family and the organization forward. Honey and Pope have more in common than they think. They are forced into a situation for the greater good, but they both still love someone else that they’ll never be able to have. Ms. Green put it perfectly: “they were two broken souls caught in a moment of responsibility and obligation.” They do, however, have explosive chemistry. Sometimes it just starts with a kiss.

CROWNED MADDENS provides the back story of the Dark Trinity and prepares readers for the new series. There is grit, grief, passion and love. A common theme is also how Dutchess leads at all levels. Like it or not, she continues to order the steps of people’s lives behind the scenes. There are breadcrumbs left behind and I can’t wait to read the first book in the series to get some of those questions answered. I highly recommend CROWNED MADDENS.

24 March 2024 |