Review: Committed
COMMITTED - Sharon C. Cooper
Atlanta's Finest (Book #8)
Amaris Publishing
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: There are two facts we know about Lazarus Dimas. One, he doesn’t always play by the rules, and two, he loves himself some Journey Ramsey Dimas. Before you read COMMITTED, I highly recommend that you read INDEBTED, Book #2. Talented Author, Sharon C. Cooper, first introduces us to Lazarus (Laz) and Journey in INDEBTED. COMMITTED continues Laz and Journey’s story. And what a story it is!

In this story, Laz makes a much-needed career move as a detective with Atlanta’s Police Department to Supreme Security as a personal security specialist. He is married to Atlanta’s Assistant District Attorney, Journey Dimas, and together they have a baby daughter. And Laz is loving it!  However, trouble is brewing forcing Laz to reach back and utilize some of his old tactics, contacts and skills. Add to that, Journey is strongly considering running for DA which will cause her to spend less time with her family which is already causing a great deal of tension between her and Laz. That is just the tip of the suspenseful, tense-filled,  proverbial iceberg that drives this story. The well-written storyline is dotted with bad actors, and equally bad situations that force Laz, and the men and women of Supreme Security to go into full protective fighting mode. Laz is in beast-mode as Journey’s life is threatened. Action-packed! I can’t omit those steamy love scenes between Laz and Journey. This story has all the bells and whistles that makes it a no-holds barred romantic-suspense.

It was great catching up with the men of Supreme Security and their wives who are featured with their own stories in this eight-book series. As side characters, they lend support and add to the intrigue of the story. The bad guys are bad-to-the-bone and keep the hero and heroine on guard. I love the HFN that is housed in the Epilogue. Everybody is able to take a deep breath and celebrate.

COMMITTED is an engaging and enjoyable read, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. It can be read as a stand-alone, but you should still read INDEBTED first. You can thank me later.

9th July 2022 |