Review: Closer To My Dreams

A Brooks' Family Value (Book #5)

Siri Austin Entertainment


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: The Brooks family is back again in this entertaining and intriguing story that features Taylor “Lil Tay” Brooks, the baby of the beguiling Brooks family and Jason Whitfield, the up-and-coming NBA baller. Taylor and Jason’s love life has evolved from “young love” to “grown folks love”. Lil Tay, the young recording artist is now Taylor, ready to make her mark in the recording industry as a songwriter and singer. Jason has gone from a young basketball phenom to a budding NBA superstar and the leader of his team.  However, with growth, maturity, and money comes a whole new set of adulting problems that Taylor and Jason will have to deal with.

In the opening scenes of the story, the underlining tension is set when Jason is being marked as a human ATM for someone who owes money to some nefarious people. Taylor is also being tagged for money by relatives on her deceased mother’s side she doesn’t even know. Yet, in spite of the mayhem that is developing all around them, Taylor and Jason are determined that it is time to plan a life together. With the blessings of the Brooks and Whitfields’ families, that’s just what they are going to do. Now if you know anything about the infamous Brooks family, they have their share of issues. However, Vernon Brooks, Taylor’s dad, will do everything in his power to see to it that Taylor gets “closer to her dreams”. Also keep in mind that there are four books that have led up to this story:

When trouble hits Taylor and Jason, the Brooks family closes ranks and lets the troublemakers know, they have nothing coming. There’s a whole army of folks who are trained and ready to block any threat. The Brooks are a great book family with generational wealth. Kudos to author, Iris Bolling, who presents a picture of a family who knows exactly what to do to perpetuate the wealth.  I know the story is about Jason and Taylor, but I have to mention one of the characters who has grown up and is stepping into his purpose. James Brooks Jr. is a smooth operator, with a law degree, and knows how to use it.  When you read the story, you will understand exactly what I mean. He handles his business in true Brooks style. I love the HEA for Taylor and Jason, although it is preceded by a funeral and a murder. Typical Iris Bolling!

CLOSER TO MY DREAMS is a well-paced story that will keep you turning pages. I recommend it for your reading pleasure. If for some reason you are not familiar with this sector of the Iris Bolling Universe, I suggest you read the stories of the Brooks Family Values Series. You can thank me later!

9th February 2024 |