Review: Catching the Carling Lake Killer
West Investigations (Book #5)
Harlequin Special Edition
Wayne Jordan (A)
REVIEW: With the release of CATCHING THE CARLING LAKE KILLER, K.D. Richards adds a solid entry to her very popular West Investigation Series. While the book doesn’t feature a member of the West clan, the hero, Lance Webb, featured prominently in DARK WATER DISAPPEARING and James West (SHIELDING HER SON, Book #4) does put in a minor, but significant appearance towards the end. Our heroine, Simone Jarrett is a reporter for a local newspaper. She has recently moved ‘back’ to Carling Lake and has struck up a ‘casual’ relationship with Lance. She is currently working on an article on the unsolved murders which took place in the town twenty years ago. And then another murder with the same MO occurs. Is the Card Killer back?

I enjoyed several things about this latest addition to a series I have totally enjoyed. At the beginning, the hero and heroine are already in a relationship and the reader is allowed to see its development. This is a refreshing change of pace because of this situation, but the need for honest and trust are highlighted in the growing bond between Lance and Simone. I also found the characters likable and appealing. Lance, Carling Lake’s sheriff, is a strong confident man who is good at his job, despite having to deal with the unnecessary pressure from the press and the mayor. As a result, he is cautious and assesses before he acts. Simone, on the other hand, is often rash and is willing to do anything to get the story and find the truth. However, she is driven by an incident in her past that is connected to murders. Lance’s desire to protect her and her desire to be independent cause conflict, but they eventually come to a compromise.

The highlight of the book, for me, however, was the well-thought out and constructed mystery. While I was able to figure out the killer’s identity before the final revelation, Ms. Richards still kept me entertained and intrigued with the story’s quick and tense pacing.

CATCHING THE CARLING LAKE KILLER is Ms. Richards at her very best. It’s a solid romantic suspense that will keep readers in its grip until the final pages.

3rd April 2023 |