Review: By Her Command
BY HER COMMAND - Wayne Jordan
WAJ Publications

Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: BY HER COMMAND is a timeless story that blends romance and suspense. Taking the spotlight as the hero is Dane Richards. One of the coolest things about this character is he is not your usual billionaire, business mogul, CEO, hero type, but he is a high school teacher. I love it! Sharing the spotlight with Dane is Alesha Franklyn, aka Ebony, a police officer. Ordinary people? Nah, they are people who find themselves facing extraordinary situations.

Case in point. Dane and Alesha have a meet cute in a strip club. Who knew? Alesha, or should I say Ebony, trips right into Dane’s arms while she is performing at the club. That contact hits them both like the proverbial ton of bricks; it’s instant chemistry. Alesha is working undercover in this strip club, and without revealing too much, I will say that her reason for the undercover work hits a serious note that is causing headlines today. The storyline flows smoothly as the tension builds. It’s a page-turner, and I will not be surprised if you finish this story in one sitting.

Dane, the untrained, easy-going teacher, and cinnamon roll hero goes into full blown action after Alesha is kidnapped while leaving the club. Believe me, fans, he is on it! There’s no question in his mind that he has to do something to help Alesha. No spoilers! Without a lot of flash and fire power, Dane does his thing. I love it! The HEA housed in the Epilogue is wonderful!

I thoroughly enjoyed
BY HER COMMAND. It’s a compelling read. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

21st January 2022 |