Review: Breaking The Bad Boy's Rules

Dynastiees: Willowvale (Book #3)

Harlequin Desire


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: We are back in Willowvale Springs, Wyoming with another engaging story written by the Queen of “sexy, emotional stories”, Reese Ryan. For this project, she has teamed up with USA Today bestselling author, Jules Bennett. Willowvale Springs is home to Vaughn Reed where he lives with his adopted parents. In this story we get to know the man, Vaughn Reed, as well as the rocker, Vaughn Reed, who has inherited Hank Carson’s old resort. We also get to know Alejandra “Allie” Price, who is best friends with Andraya Walker (WORKING WITH HER CRUSH). I love the premise of this story that involves dating your best friend’s little sister. It’s not going to be easy, because Vaughn has “been there, done that”! No tea, fans! You will have to read this entertaining story for yourself!

When the story opens, Vaughn’s legendary rock band, Sin & Glory, has been broken up for four years. I’m going to allow you to discover the reason for that breakup, because it causes his “personal and professional life to spiral”. It has also caused him to conceive four rules that he has lived by since the breakup of his band. Vaughn returns to his adopted hometown because once again, the deceased godfather of Willowvale Springs, Hank Carson, has chosen another heir to restore a part of his property, the old resort ranch. Vaughn is reunited with his childhood best friend, Reynaldo Price, whose family owns Price Construction, the company designated to do the renovations. Not only is he reunited with Renaldo, but he is also reunited with Reynaldo’s “little sister, Alejandra, “Allie” Price, who is not so little anymore. Allie, a beautiful Afro-Latina woman, happens to be the talented interior designer and project manager for her family’s construction company. Let the sparks fly! This is not going to be easy for Vaughn working with her on this project because it breaks Rule #1 big time.

I love how Vaughn and Allie come to grips with their growing attraction for each other. Allie’s family plays a significant role in their budding relationship. The Epilogue is so “rewarding” for both Vaughn and Allie. You’ll get that when you read the story.

I recommend B
REAKING THE BAD BOY'S RULES for your reading pleasure. It’s an excellent story that complements the Willowvale Springs series.

28th November 2023 |