Review: Boyfriend For Hire
BOYFRIEND FOR HIRE - Delaney Diamond

Men For Hire

Garden Avenue Press


Cheryl McNeil (A)


REVIEW: BOYFRIEND FOR HIRE is part of the Men For Hire Series. Montez Ross handles Marketing for his family-owned company that provides escorts to events and handyman services. While leaving a diner, Montez meets a woman whose voice gave him chills. Her eyes are inviting, and he thinks she is sexy. So much so, that he decides to circle back to get to know her. One thing leads to another, and instead of beating around the bush, Montez makes her an offer she cannot refuse.

Desiree Hagan is attracted to a sexy stranger who she calls “Mr. Confident”. She thinks he is gorgeous and is excited that he comes back to the diner. A month later, Desiree does not expect to run into Montez at “At Your Service”. She is up for a promotion with her company and her competition is her ex-boyfriend. She needs someone to accompany her to an important dinner. 

Montez is annoyed that Desiree left him after their night together. They had a lot in common and he is attracted to her intellectually as well as physically. It also takes him back to a time when he got his heart broken. Montez is a good guy but has forced himself into “no string attached” situations so he would not get hurt. It is interesting that Ms. Diamond includes this role reversal.

Things are never awkward with Montez and Desiree, despite how they got together. There is sexy banter even when Montez is still mad at Desiree, and the chemistry is there. When Desiree is a client of “At your Service”, they enjoy being around each other. Desiree is laser focused on her career. In the past she got lost in relationships and does not want to lose herself. There are also things that happened to her parents that make her more driven and determined.

The first time Montez and Desiree physically connected is not detailed. However, it is interesting how Ms. Diamond uses the encounter as a reference point or reminder during other interactions throughout the book. BOYFRIEND FOR HIRE is an enjoyable book and I highly recommend it.

20th February 2024 |