Review: Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Harris Sisters (Book #2)

Independently Publshed


Kwana Swain (B+)


REVIEW:  With BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT by Nyora Rene, I had the pleasure of being introduced not only to a new author, but to a new series. This is Book #2 in The Harris Sister Series. I highly recommend that you read Book #1, NOW OR NEVER.

This is the story of the eldest sister, Ruby; all the sisters are named after gemstones. Five years prior to the start of our story Ruby, a recent law school graduate, has just passed the state bar exam and the UBE, which stands for Uniform Bar Examination. She is on top of the world and celebrating with her friend Giselle at a bar, where she meets Maurice. Giselle is drunk and jealous because she has failed her exam and leaves Ruby alone with Maurice to whom she is instantly attracted. They have a one-night stand and expect to never see each other again, until two weeks later, she finds out that her new boss is Justin Davis a.k.a Maurice, her one-night stand.

For the last five years, Justin and Ruby have completely tried to ignore each other until a high-profile case comes up and Justin has to pick some lawyers to work with him. Ruby, being one of the most successful associates in the firm, is the logical choice to have on his team. Can they fight the attraction that has been lying dormant while working late nights in close proximity or on an out-of-town trip with rooms across from each other? is hard to maintain any professionalism.

One of Ms. Rene’s forte is her characterization. Justin and Ruby are well-developed characters and are perfect for each other. The sisters really had me laughing out loud and apologizing to my neighbors. I love Mark, Justin's assistant. Everyone needs a GBF (Gay Best Friend). Lloyd, another associate at the firm, and the co-worker from hell, will have you screaming at the book. And let's not forget about Giselle. She is the devil in the flesh.

I also liked the small hometown feeling I got from Springfield, the town where they lived, with the different restaurants that the sisters visited every week for their ‘sister kept up’ luncheons.

BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT was longer than your typical romance novel, but it was a page turner and once you start you will definitely want to finish. I can't wait to read the other sisters’ stories.

1st July 2023 |