Review: Backlash
BACKLASH - Iris Bolling

A Nate Reigns Novel (Book #2)

Siri Austin Entertainment


Brenda Larnell (A++)


REVIEW: USA Today bestselling author Iris Bolling has ripped pages from today’s headlines, and presented her followers and fans with a story that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. BACKLASH takes us into the second phase of the search for the murder of Alex Burnett, Richmond, Virginia’s Prosecuting Attorney, and Nate’s best friend. This is the second phase because Alex’s horrendous murder occurred in THE AFTERMATH, the Book #1 of A Nate Reigns Novel. So, if you have not read THE AFTERMATH, stop, get the book, and read it before you delve into BACKLASH.

BACKLASH, the inimitable Ms. Bolling delves deeper into the white supremest organization known as P.I.E. (Peaceful Intervention Emergence). This organization is anything but peaceful. As a matter of fact, it is founded on violence and mayhem. Its purpose is to take over city by city, state by state country by country by either killing people (Black & Brown) in powerful positions in government, education and business, or placing them in some form of servitude, and replacing them with whites willing to assist them in their mission of total takeover. Sound familiar? The “backlash” from uncovering this plot is the catalyst for this story that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and will leave you speechless and sometimes breathless.

This story is set in Richmond, Virginia, the Confederacy of the South, and it is here that we get a look at just what the minority city officials, and those in positions of leadership are up against. It ranges from the top echelon of Richmond’s law enforcement to the police recruits. Not only does Nate have to deal with investigating P.I.E., but he also has to deal with the “backlash” from his family’s dilemma. The emotions that you will experience while reading this book are wide-ranged. From dread in the beginning pages where a Confident Informer is murdered to anxiousness because you know the threat is not over.

You can’t have an Iris Bolling story without some of the familiar characters who dwell in her world. They are all present: Mayor L T Palmer; Sapphire Lassiter, the head of TA; Skylar Burrell, Federal Prosecutor; The Empress, Charlotte Reigns; Chief of Police, Frank Williams; Joshua Lassiter, Al “Turk” Day, Rachel and Regan Fontaine, along with those who lurk in her world: Cory Vaughan, Jason Rolfeman, and Krystal of P.I.E. What’s next? My advice to you is to read or reread
S.I.B.s THE SOCIETY OF INTELLECTUAL BEINGS, because the journey continues, and there is more to follow.

is today’s warning to be vigilant, because there are entities in high places that are determined to roll back the years of progress that minorities have made and continue to make. It’s a real thing, and Ms. Bolling laid it out in BACKLASH that promotes real discussions. I suggest you take notes when you read. They will help you keep up with who’s who and what’s what. Remember, if you haven’t read RTHE AFTERMATH, you must read it first before BACKLASH. Then read S.I.B.s. Carry on and keep hope alive!

6th July 2023 |