Review: Assist

ASSIST - Alexandria House

St. Louis Sires (Book #1)

Pink Cashmere Publishing


Reviewer:  Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A


REVIEW: I love this sports-themed series that has as its main characters Black hockey players. I’m not a hockey fan by any means, but if these hockey players were on a team, I would be at every game. The St. Louis Sires is a black hockey team, and the stories about the players are excellent! ASSIST is a story about the third hockey player that composes “Southern Comfort”, the best players on the team. Edmund Orlando Rapp is the team leader, and ASSIST is his story, and what a story it is! Ms. House has chosen to pair him with a Hip-Hop Rapper who is at the top of her game in the Hip-Hop universe. Ishmia De`sir, known to her fans and the entertainment world as Bianca Bambina, is the perfect match for Orlando, and their life together helps to make this story so intriguing.

Ishmia and Orlando have a lot in common. She is one of the owners of the Sires team, along with Big South. Now if that name does not ring a bell with you, then you have a lot of reading to do. One of the best features of Ms. House’s stories is the character connections. Let me tell you, this story is well-connected. I cannot spill the tea, but when you read Orlando and Ishmia’s story, you are going to literally scream when you discover who his father is. One of the major plot points of the story revolves around Orlando’s desire to find out who his birth parents are. He was adopted by a single woman who gave him a great life. Yet, he has been haunted by the fact that he has no idea who birthed him, and why he ended up in the system. I love Ishmia’s character.  She is plagued by her rise to stardom because of the cost that was inflicted on her by her first manager, Smoke, who happens to be the son of the woman who raised her. Ishmia was given to her by her birth mother. Ishmia’s back story is riveting. By the way, Ishmia has albinism, and she is unapologetically stunning!

The minor characters play major roles in contributing to the development of the main characters and the storyline. Maleek & Nuri (
GOAL, Book #1), Ford & Krystle (HOLDING, Book #2), Big South (LET ME LOVE YOU) and even Unc are present. I cannot reveal the other minor characters, because it will blow your mind. This is a must read for all the readers, fans, and followers of Ms. House’s stories, and I hope you are so you can be blown away like I was. Chapter 31, a one-page chapter, is the absolute climax of this engrossing story. When you read it, just breathe and enjoy the remainder of the ride. The Epilogue is everything!

I previously said that
GOAL was my favorite story of the Sires series. I take that back. ASSIST is my new favorite. I highly recommend ASSIST for your reading pleasure. This three-book series is excellent. Dive into it! You can thank me later.

31 March 2024 |