Review: An Offer From Mr Wrong
Cress Brothers (Book #3)
Harlequin Desire
Jennifer Copeland (A)
REVIEW: AN OFFER FROM MR. WRONG by best-selling author Niobia Bryant is a fantastic and fabulous book. This is Book #3 in her Cress Brothers Series. I would recommend reading the first two books in the series so that you will be familiar with the characters. The first two books in the series are ONE NIGHT WITH CINDERELLA and THE REBEL HEIR. This book grabbed my attention from the very beginning until the ending. I was on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what was going to happen next.

AN OFFER FROM MR. WRONG tells the love story of Bobbie Barnett and Lincoln Cress. If you have been following the series, you know that the Cress family found out that Lincoln is the son of Phillip Cress SR. Bobbie is a private investigator with her own firm and Lincoln is a chef and he owns his restaurant in England. Bobbie and Lincoln see each other again when Lincoln interrupts her investigation at a restaurant. From this meeting, you can clearly see that they have a fiery chemistry. They exchange words and Bobbie leaves the restaurant after getting what she needs for a client. Lincoln is here in the States to get to know his newfound family. Lincoln goes to Bobbie’s office to make her an offer to be his girlfriend while he’s here. Will Bobbie accept his offer? Will this offer lead to more between the couple? You will have to read AN OFFER FROM MR. WRONG by Niobia Bryant to find out!

What I loved about this book was the storyline and the way that Ms. Bryant wrote the beginning of the book. From the start, I was so intrigued and it made me want to continue to read the book. This book has so much drama in it that I couldn’t contain myself. I loved how Bobbie and Lincoln were there for each as their journey to love unfolded. They both had issues that they needed to let go of in order to find love. The love scenes in this book were so explosive and fiery!  I can’t wait to see where Ms. Bryant takes this series and what happens to the next Cress brother.

Overall, I loved
AN OFFER FROM MR. WRONG. I was so excited to read the next book in the series. Ms. Bryant shows us that we have to let go of past hurts so that we can receive the love that is waiting for us. Make sure to grab your copy of this book.

14th July 2022 |