Review: An Agent For Camille

Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book #41)

Barr 26 Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: I’m back with another intriguing story by Parker J Cole. AN AGENT FOR CAMILLE is Book #41 of a long running series, The Pinkerton Matchmakers, by various authors. Ms. Cole has contributed three other books to this noteworthy series: AN AGENT FOR ARIELLE, AN AGENT FOR BRIELLE, and the soon to be released, AN AGENT FOR DANIELLE. These stories fall into the category of frontier mystery historical romance. In other words, they are page-turners!

AN AGENT FOR CAMILLE introduces Camille Bradford, sister to Arielle, Brielle, and Danielle. Camille is in Denver, Colorado, circa 1871 waiting for her sisters to return to the Pinkerton office. Rounder Addison, a Pinkerton Agent who has relocated to Denver after the Great Fire (Conflagration) that occurred in Chicago, IL., is Camille’s reluctant love interest. He considers Camille to be “trouble with a capital T”. I’ll allow you to discover why.

Both Camille and Rounder are harboring secrets. Camille, in trying to get Rounder to loosen up around her, tells him her secret. It’s a doozy folks! No spoilers. Yet, Rounder does not reveal his secret until much later. It is one that will completely catch you by surprise. It’s a heavy burden he has been carrying all his life! I love Parker J. Cole’s writing styIe. There is always a “Wow” factor. Did I mention the tropes of fake marriage and close proximity attached to the intriguing plot to spur the budding relationship between Rounder and Camille? Subsequently, Rounder and Camille become involved in solving a mystery in the frontier town of Lantern, Texas. Somebody is stealing interred bodies, and two of Rounder’s friends enlist his help. In the meantime, Camille and Rounder find themselves working together to solve the mystery.

There are some nefarious characters in this story that have no redeeming qualities at all, but they make significant contributions to the development of the storyline. However, the riveting scene when Rounder finally reveals his secret to Camille is definitely the highlight of this story. It is steeped in a law that flourished for a time in this country. No spoilers. Camille and Rounder’s HFN marks the beginning of something completely new for the couple. You’ll get that when you read the story. The Epilogue marks the appearance of Danielle, Camille’s sister, who comes in with guns drawn. What next? Stay tuned.

AN AGENT FOR CAMILLE is an entertaining, engrossing, and enlightening story. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

23th January 2024 |