Review: After the Lights Go Down
Harlequin Desire

Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW: Layne Davis and Paul Waverly are two dynamic news anchors in love. They work for the same station. No one at WNCC knows about their love affair because they have been keeping it on the down low, fearing what their co-workers might think. Layne and Paul work different shifts, which helps tremendously to keep their relationship undercover. The problem is that they both want the same thing. So when an opening becomes available at WWDC, the DC morning show, Layne sees it as a stepping stone to making her dream come true. Layne and Paul try to make the long-distance relationship work but end up separated for three years. But bad turns to worst when Paul moves to DC and takes the anchor position Layne believed would be hers. Layne sees it as a betrayal, especially since she will be the producer of his show. Finally, an internal scandal draws them together when their love and careers are threatened. The lovers refuse to sacrifice either one. Instead, they devise a plan to bring it all to a head.

Layne and Paul are two very ambitious individuals. They want to be the new face of the news. Paul is already on his way. His face is well-known across the country. Major networks have approached him, but he prefers to stay in North Carolina. On the other hand, Layne is still working to gain her status in the news world.

AFTER THE LIGHTS GO DOWN is an excellent read. Donna Hill has written a workplace romance that gives a glimpse into the world of daytime news shows with all the pitfalls that can occur when co-workers are secret lovers. This exciting page-turner is fraught with passionate encounters, deceit, trauma, and scandals. The main characters, Paul and Layne, want the same news anchor position, so there is bound to be some drama. But the author creates a scenario like the skilled writer that she is. As a result, Layne and Paul work together to have a career and a life together. Another winner for Ms. Hill.

This sizzling romance is a must-read. It has been said that workplace romances do not work. But
AFTER THE LIGHTS GO DOWN gives you a happily-ever-after outcome. I highly recommend this book for your reading pleasure.

16th March 2023 |