Review: After Hours Temptation
404 Sound (Book #3)
Harlequin Desire
Shirley Fleming | Rating: A
REVIEW: Teagan Woodson and Maxton McCoy meet when he auditions to be part of the band for a well-known rapper. From the start, their attraction is powerful. However, Teagan and Maxton feel they don’t have time for a serious relationship, especially given that musicians are not the type to settle down. So they decide to have a no-string fling for however long it lasts. This arrangement works just fine until they catch feelings. Unfortunately, with the new development, Teagan and Maxton hit a bump in the road because neither one expected love to happen. So will they stay with the original agreement or embark upon a new phase of their relationship?

Teagan is a sound engineer at 404 Sound Recording Studios, her family’s company, and the baby in the family. Although she has an office, Teagan loves her job and prefers to work in the studio. Maxton is a talented guitarist who never stays in one place long enough to call home. He has to be ready to pack up and leave at a moment’s notice to wherever his next gig takes him. So, I guess you can say his home is on the road.

AFTER HOURS TEMPTATION is an excellent read with a strong plot, well-developed characters, passion, and a strong family presence surrounding the main characters. Teagan and Maxton are busy individuals, and a serious relationship is not in their plans for the immediate future. But when Cupid's arrow strikes, control is taken out of your hands, and plans change. There is just a little drama to make it a credible and enjoyable read. This page-turner is an entertaining, emotional read, and Ms. Alexander’s writing at its best.

I enjoyed reading
AFTER HOURS TEMPTATION, and I recommend it for the romantic in you. Finally, Teagan and Maxton found something they didn’t know they wanted or needed. Love.

13th August 2022 |