Review:  After Hours Agenda
AFTER HOURS AGENDA - Kianna Alexander
404 Sound (Book #4)
Harlequin Desire
Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW: Pierce Hamilton and Nia Woodson are rivals in the music industry. Their families have known each other for years. At one time, a merger was proposed, but it never happened. Pierce and Nia always seem to rub each other the wrong way, but there is subtle flirting beneath the surface. However, everything changes when they are tasked with working together on a special project at their parents' request. The more Nia and Pierce get to know each; they find that they like each other. As a result, they start spending more time with each other outside of business. Eventually, their relationship moved to the next logical step. Nia gets angry upon learning that Pierce cozying up to her was a ploy to soften her to revisit a merger between their companies. Pierce’s subterfuge causes a hiccup in their budding romance, but it doesn’t last long. After discussing things, Nia and Pierce realize they want to be together.

Pierce is an executive at his family’s record company. But he longs to take over if only he and his siblings can persuade their mom that it’s time for her to retire. Nia is the eldest and most serious one in the Woodson family. This is understandable, considering she is the CEO of 404 Sound. But, unlike her siblings, Nia is responsible for their company's overall success, leaving little time for a personal life.

AFTER HOURS AGENDA is a well-written, engaging story of two ambitious people in the music industry. The characters are clearly defined, believable and likable. The main characters start as rivals but end up being romantic allies. Nia and Pierce’s romance was cute in how they pretend not to like each other. While at the same time checking each other out. I would have liked to have seen a little more passion between them, but the author still did an excellent job with their story. Overall, I enjoyed reading Nia and Pierce’s story tremendously.

AFTER HOURS AGENDA is the conclusion to the 404 Sound Series. Each story is unique to the characters involved. Finally, Nia and Pierce’s story concludes the mystery surrounding the Woodson family. I highly recommend the whole series for the romantic at heart. You won’t be disappointed.

5th May 2023 |