Review: Accidental Sweethearts

A Honey Hill Novel (Book #3)

Word Joy Press


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: It is always a treat to return to Honey Hill, North Carolina, to get the latest tea about those color characters that inhabit that unique town. ACCIDENTAL SWEETHEARTS features two homegrown denizens who have established themselves as entrepreneurs in this impressive fictional setting. Happi Daniels, the owner of Happi Curls, a popular hair salon, and Sebastian Charles, who is the owner of a lucrative construction business with a passion for flipping houses are the main attractions for the third book of this series.

How these “accidental sweethearts” garnered that moniker is the heart and soul of this engaging story. The story actually begins in Las Vegas where a very hungover Happi and groggy Sebastian wake up together one morning in Sebastian’s hotel room. Happi’s good friend, Rylee, and her fiancé, Canten (
SWEETER THAN HONEY) had surprised their wedding party with a Vegas weekend getaway. The obvious question remains is what happened the night before? I’m going to leave that right here and allow you to discover the answer to that question. I love how this story develops and how it transitions back to Honey Hill where Happi and Sebastian become “the couple”, and the talk of much speculation. As a couple, Happi and Sebastian are sensuous lovers and housemates as they are “stuck” in a four-month limbo. Confused? It all becomes perfectly clear as you read their story.

The story line is filled with wonderful eccentric and unforgettable secondary characters who support the hero and heroine unconditionally and help to drive the story forward. I enjoyed reading the scene at the barbershop. That scene provided a welcomed change of pace from the tragedy that Sebastian experienced. No spoilers.  One of my favorite characters is Zachary, Sebastian’s rambunctious eight-year-old nephew, who has some very thought-provoking conversations with his uncle. The HEA for Happi and Sebastian is wonderful as Sebastian takes on the title of “dragon-slayer”. You’ll get that when you read this engrossing story.

I love this series! Joy Avery completely captivates the reader with these beguiling and charming stories set in the wonderful world of Honey Hill. I highly recommend
ACCIDENTAL SWEETHEARTS for your reading pleasure. It’s a great summer read!

20th July 2023 |