Review: About Last Night
ABOUT LAST NIGHT - Synithia Williams

Peachtree Cove (Book #0.5)

Canary Street Press


Brenda Larnell (A)

REVIEW: I have just finished a delightful Novella by Synithia Williams that introduced me to Joanne Wilson and Devante Thompson of Peachtree Cove, GA. When the story opens, Joanne is fulfilling her dream of opening a beauty salon in this quaint little town. There is a slight problem, however, when her brother, Kalen, bails on helping her get everything together for the opening, because he has another commitment. What’s a girl to do? She is really counting on her brother to assemble furniture, and do the heavy lifting required to make her grand opening grand. Well, Kalen, does not leave Joanne up the proverbial tree without a paddle. He sends his best friend, Devante, to come to his sister’s rescue. Problem solved, right? Well, not exactly.

Talented author, Synithia Williams, does a masterful job in the first chapter setting up one of the tried-and-true romance tropes, Younger man-Older woman. Devante is not only younger than Joanne, but he is her brother’s best friend who practically lived at their house while growing up. He is like family! However, all of that disappears when Joanne sees Devante as a very handsome man who makes her heart race, and her hormones go into a tailspin. How does Devante see Joanne? Well, I’ll just say that he has crushed on her since he was thirteen, and there’s no shame to his game.

You are in for a very sensuous and sexy romp between the best stylist in Peachtree Cove and the owner of Thompson Contracting. What is more, you will get to delve into Joanne and Devante’s pasts that serve as motivators for their future endeavors. I loved the scene at the grand opening of her salon that sent gossip ripples throughout the small town. I’ll allow you to discover what happened when you read the story. I also loved the scene at Joanne’s salon with the “Bougie” Mattie Bryant, one of the denizens of Peachtree Cove. The HFN for Joanne and Devante ends where they started. You’ll get that when you read the book.

ABOUT LAST NIGHT is an enjoyable and engaging summer-beach-backyard read. I recommend it for your reading pleasure

13th July 2023 |