Review: A Table For Two
A TABLE FOR TWO - Sheryl Lister
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: First, I love the whole vibe that this story gives. The supper club theme that presents a bonding around good food, the quaint small-town setting, and one of my favorite tropes, enemies-to-lovers, all come together to create a great reading experience. The Prologue introduces us to Serenity Wheeler and the ladies of the supper club. We also discover that one of them, Andrea, has landed a new job, and she will be moving to Seattle. In order to make sure her Nana is not left alone, she has convinced her brother to move from Atlanta to Firefly Lake, California (the setting) to watch over their seventy-eight-year-old grandmother. Enter Gabriel Cunningham, a software engineer who can work remotely from anywhere.

Serenity reluctantly agrees to help Gabriel with his transition from big city living to the small town. She has second thoughts because living in Firefly Lake has afforded her a much-needed break from relationship drama and a bad break-up. She has truly found her proverbial and real “happy place” in the small town. I’ll allow you to discover how Gabriel has a tendency to rub Serenity the wrong way. After a few missteps, Gabriel and Serenity eventually bond over their love of good food, and he becomes a regular supper club participant. I love the fact that Gabriel is also a “foodie”. The candied yams scene had me laughing out loud, and the meals that are prepared by either Gabriel or Serenity will make your mouth water. As it happens, the Firefly Lake gossip mill is running overtime about Gabriel and Serenity’s comings and goings. Everyone has them together before it actually happens.

Gabriel is also hesitant about falling for his new neighbor, Serenity. His last relationship did not go well. However, there is something about the heroine that our hero cannot deny. Their chemistry is crazy, and it seems that there is little that our couple can do about their growing feelings for each other. What a dilemma! I believe one character called it “living in denial-land”. The turning point in their budding relationship comes when they travel to a winery in Napa Valley. I’ll allow you to read the details of that little trip for yourself. Whew! Get your fan out. Ms. Lister spares no words or emotions or moves when it comes to writing love scenes. Another unforgettable scene happens at a Jill Scott concert that Serenity and Gabriel attend. The late-night dinner at Ms. Ida’s restaurant and being seated at a “table-for-two” really hits home. This is the couple’s crossroad’s moment. You’ll get that when you read the story.

There is a robust cast of side characters who support the main characters and contribute to the dynamic storyline that is seamless and coherent. The HEA is delightful! By the way, I love the recipes added at the end of the story.

A TABLE FOR TWO is an engaging and entertaining story. Good characters, good storyline, and good food make for an excellent read. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

16th August 2022 |