Review: A Marquis To Protect The Governess


Harlequin Historical


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: USA TODAY bestselling author of historical romance, Parker J Cole, pens this enjoyable story set in the 18th Century that gives us a look at royal life: private, public, scandals, and the aftermath that existed at that time. We are first introduced to Jean-Fabian Andre Godier, tasked with the challenge of dealing with his brother’s disgraceful death at the hands of a “wronged husband”. The House of Godier has taken a scandalous hit. To top that off, Thierry, the deceased brother, has left behind a son, whose mother was of mulatto descent. That in itself conjures a whole set of problems in this 18th Century Paris society. Andre is overwhelmed, but he is the only one left to handle any problem that occurs as the heir of the House of Godier, and “the fixer” of his late brother's mistakes.

Help is on the way! Enter Mademoiselle Isadora deBeauchene, a Creole beauty from Saint-Domingue, a territory under the rule of the Parisienne King. She is there to interview for the governess position to the young son of Thierry. But wait, fans, the beautiful Isadore has her own set of problems and secrets of a royal kind. It’s no coincidence that she is in Paris at this time and at the Godier estate. At the turn of each page, this story gets better and better. While Isadora gets the governess position, her problems are just getting started. Did I mention the instant attraction between her and Andre? He is drawn to the beautiful Isadora like a moth to light. If you are familiar with the author’s meticulous writing style, you know she leaves no stone unturned. The storyline is packed with conflict, tension, mystery, romance and revelation.

The proverbial plot thickens as we get to know Andre and Isadora, and Andre’s nephew, Dieudonne. Their relationships begin to transform into more of a family than employee/employer. Then, one day, Isadora is summoned to appear before the King. I cannot go any further without spilling the tea, and I am no tea spiller. That scene is the heart and soul of this story. So, I will allow you to discover what happens. I will say two things: First, Isadora’s future will be determined by her appearance with the King. Second, the Epilogue is the ultimate in “Happily Ever After”. That’s all you get.

A MARQUIS TO PROTECT THE GOVERNESS is an engaging and entertaining story. If you are a fan of Historical Romance as I am, then I know you will enjoy this book. If you are not sure, then I highly recommend this story to you. It’s sure to win you over!

1st January 2024 |