Review: A Love So Strong
A LOVE SO STRONG: A Jenkins Family Reunion - Sharon C. Cooper

Jenkins Family Series (Book #6)

Amaris Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)

REVIEW: USA Today Bestselling Author, Sharon C Cooper, has penned the ultimate family reunion story that depicts the most strong-willed family members you ever want to meet. The Matriarch of the Jenkins’ family, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, calls the “Jenkins Girls” together to plan a family reunion to be held the 4th of July. Mind you, when the story opens, it’s April, so that leaves fewer than three months to pull everything together. However, what Ms. Katherine wants, Ms. Katherine gets! Get ready for a whirlwind of event planning and a look into the chaotic lives of the Jenkins’ ladies, along with their spouses, as they plan for the event of the year.

The Jenkins family is back! The talented Ms. Cooper will delight you with a whirlwind look into the lives of some of our favorite Jenkins’ family members. You’ll get to catch up with Toni & Craig (
STILL THE BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB), Jada & Zack (ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED), Christina & Luke (TEMPTING THE ARTIST), Martina & Paul (NEGOTIATING FOR LOVE), and Peyton & Michael (SEDUCING THE BOSS LADY). Yes, fans! They are all here, and we get a front row seat to observe exactly what’s going on in their busy, and, sometimes, messy lives. I love how their relationships are challenged and exposed, but after all is said and done, love is the glue that keeps them together. There’s plenty of drama and laughs, that will keep you turning the pages of this entertaining story that epitomizes “Family First”.

I enjoyed this story so much. I can’t begin to list all the secondary characters that help to drive the story forward. Some of the secondary characters lend support; Michael’s (Peyton’s husband) stepfather, Carlton. While some will do whatever they can to undermine, like Gina, Zack’s co-worker, a “boo-hiss” villainess. It’s a great mix that adds depth to the story. As a special added feature,
Atlanta’s Finest also makes an appearance. IYKYK. Yes, fans, it gets that serious. Kudos to Ms. Cooper for a story with a brilliant blend of “love, laughs and drama”! Just wait until you read what happens while the family reunion is in full swing.

I loved this story. The Jenkins family is one of the premiere families in African American Contemporary Romance, and it was a delight to revisit them in this captivating story. I recommend
A LOVE SO STRONG for your reading pleasure.

6th May 2023 |