Review: A Home For The Doctor


A Ballad Inn Romance (Book #1)

Harlequin Heartwarming


Shirley Fleming (A)


REVIEW: Mia Ballard runs the Ballard Inn along with her two sisters. Mia and Enid, their housekeeper, have kept the three of them together since childhood, with their parents always traveling. But Mia does not mind. She is a homebody who enjoys taking care of those she loves. Her family feels she should devote a little time to her personal life, which is non-existent. Fate intervenes in the form of Dr. Ryan Cassidy. Doing one of their many run-ins with their neighbor's cat, Mia trips and falls into the good doctor's arms. A spark of attraction is ignited from that incident. Mia and Ryan spend the next few weeks getting to know each other and fall in love. However, Ryan's involvement with a medical team that travels overseas is a bone of contention between them. Mia and Ryan bump heads until they realize the most important thing is the love they share, and anything else can be worked out.

Mia is an accountant and businesswoman. Running The Ballard Inn and caring for clients is her little slice of heaven. Mia has never been outside of Charlotte. Because of her parents, she detests any form of traveling. Ryan is a pediatric
cardiothoracic surgeon. He has saved a lot of children and enjoys the work he does. Being a part of Medicine Across the World gives him further satisfaction, knowing he can help children in other countries who cannot get the life-saving surgery they need.

A HOME FOR THE DOCTOR is a lovely and delightful story of true opposites attract. It is the first entry in Ms. King’s A Ballard Inn Romance Series. Ryan is a doctor who travels frequently, and Mia is the epitome of a homebody who runs the family’s B&B. The author did a good job weaving this story. The assortment of characters is well-defined, loveable, and funny. Some of the scenes will have you laughing out loud. The grouchy next-door neighbor and the two men across the street, forever playing cards, are reminiscent of small-town living. A cat named Doodle and a lizard called Monty cement their place in the story. This charming narrative will have you cheering along with the entire neighborhood for Ryan and Mia to find their happily ever after.

I recommend
A HOME FOR THE DOCTOR for your reading pleasure. It is a sweet romance with two people with different views on certain things who make it work despite their challenges on the journey to true happiness.

24 March 2024 |