Review: A Cowboy Kind Of Thing
Texas Cattleman's Club: The Wedding (Book #1)
Harlequin Desire
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: I am a fan of the Texas Cattleman’s Club long running series (approximately 138 books) where various authors like Brenda Jackson, Naima Simone, Yahrah St. John, and LaQuette have been contributors. For this new series, talented storyteller, Reese Ryan introduces us to Dionna “Dee” Reed, a Los Angeles casting director, and Austin Charles “Tripp” Noble III,  a Texas rancher. If you are a fan of this long running series, then you will remember Tripp as the brother of Tessa Noble (HIS UNTIL MIDNIGHT by Reese Ryan). Of course, the story is set in Royal, Texas, home of the Texas Cattleman’s Club.

Dee, best friend of the bride-to-be, Ariana, and Tripp, best friend and cousin of the groom, Xavier, are tasked with the duties of planning the pre-wedding activities, wedding ceremony, and reception for their besties. It’s a tall order, especially when Dee wants the wedding to take place in Los Angeles, the home of the bride, instead of Royal, Texas. The problems: Can a small town like Royal meet the wedding requirements and amenities for an A-list actress and an award-winning novelist ? Can Tripp get Dee to see that his town can meet every requirement to the “T”? It’s country vs city, and you are going to be thoroughly captivated as Dee and Tripp go toe-to-toe over the planning of the wedding festivities when all they both want is to plan the absolute best wedding for their best friends. I love how the skilled Ms. Ryan sets the reader up for a get-to-know Royal, Texas, experience through the eyes of Tripp. Not only does he aim to show off his town, but he also aims to impress the lovely Dee. Well, it helps when Dee becomes a guest of Tripp staying in his home. That’s all I’ll say about that, other than it produces some of the best scenes in the story. Can you say, “close proximity”? However, as Tripp and Dee get closer, the fact remains that Dee’s home and job are both located in LA, and she will be returning to said home and job. What a dilemma!

As the story develops, while Dee is gradually changing her opinion of Royal, she encounters some of the citizens of Royal who will contribute to the wedding festivities. There is one, in particular, who poses a problem, and places Dee in a tailspin. I’ll allow you to discover that predicament when you read the story. It’s another good scene. Tripp and Dee’s HFN is so special, the lights in Royal literally go out!

I enjoyed reading
A COWBOY KIND OF THING, and being back in Royal, Texas.  The story is entertaining and engaging. I recommend it for your reading pleasure

1st February 2023 |