Review: A Chance for Genevieve
Last Chance Brides (Book #9)

Independently Published
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Parker J Cole is a brilliant storyteller, and that brilliance shines brightly in her writing. In A CHANCE FOR GENEVIEVE, we meet the heroine as a runaway nun. Of course, as a reader, the first thing that you want to know is why is she running. However, that question is preceded by the scene in the Prologue that introduces us to a wealthy Manhattan, New York husband and wife (R.C. and Barbara) who are engaged in a violent argument. How does this scene connect to the next scene that occurs in Last Chance, Nebraska? Well, fans, prepare yourselves to delve into the minds and emotions of some unforgettable characters.

Genevieve Bailey is on the run. Dressed in a nun’s habit, she has fled from a convent to a town called Last Chance. The question is ”Why?” The first person Genevieve meets is Ambrose Young, a Black man who has staked his claim as a rancher in this Nebraskan town. Both Genevieve and Ambrose are anomalies in this Post-Civil War era, a Black nun on-the- run and a Black landowner. There is definitely an air of mystery surrounding Genevieve that keeps you turning the pages of this sweet historical romance. She and Ambrose are immediately attracted to each other, but the secret that Genevieve carries with her prevents her from expressing her true feelings for Ambrose. Ambrose is perplexed about his feelings because the woman he has feelings for is “married to God.” Plus, he has no clue about her background. That is, until a certain New York couple arrives in Last Chance. The plot twist is epic! No spoilers. You must read this story for yourself.

The side characters have various roles as supporters and agitators. One side character who stands out is Mrs. Payne, the no-nonsense librarian/teacher who resides in Last Chance. The Humphreys’ roles function to develop the complicated storyline, so they are more like supporting characters rather than side characters. Through them, the story comes together with just the right amount of intrigue. Their impact in this story is major. I love the Epilogue that provides a sweet HEA for Ambrose and Genevieve.

is an entertaining and captivating story that I highly recommend. It is Book #9 of the 16-book Last Chance Brides Series. I read it as a standalone. Add it to your “must read” pile. You can thank me later

5th August 2022 |