Review: Wishing Lake
WISHING LAKE - Regina Hart
Kensington Dafina/Romance
February 2015
REVIEWER:  Ashley Slater|  RATING: B
REVIEW: Peyton is a young history professor who recently relocates to Trinity Falls from New York.  Eager for a fresh start and an escape from her overbearing parents, she sets out to Trinity Falls, to discover what it is she truly wants for herself. As a native of Trinity Falls and a newspaper reporter, Darius’s job is to stay abreast of current events. As he does the research for his current assignment, he finds that his path seems to constantly cross with Peyton. Due to his parents’ tumultuous marriage, Darius makes it a point to steer clear of relationships. At least he did until his matchmaking friends try to pair him and Peyton together at every opportunity.  Nevertheless, Darius finds himself intrigued by Peyton and curious about their attraction…  Can Peyton convince Darius to explore the possibility of a relationship?

The flow of the story was good overall, but many of the scene transitions were not smooth throughout.  The events with one set of characters would pause and then all of a sudden the setting changes and different characters are interacting.  It was a little confusing at times trying to get my bearings as the new events unfolded.   I also found the ending to be a little abrupt, which left much to be desired since the characters’ emotions took us on a rollercoaster ride for much of the story.

WISHING LAKE is a nice addition to the Finding Home series, but you do not have to read the series sequentially to jump into the story.  If you have followed the characters from the beginning, then you will get to catch up with Darius’s friends to see what they have been up to in the interim.

22nd March 2015 |