Review: Wicked Games
WICKED GAMES - Maureen Smith
Wordsmith Enterprises
December 2015
REVIEWER:   Beverly Jackson | RATING:  A
REVIEW: After a tiring day, college recruiter, Nadia Warner, was looking forward to hanging out with friends when she finds herself at a Denver Rebels hockey practice, a game she does not even like, when her sports reporter brother needs to fill in for a colleague. As Nadia looks up from checking emails, she locks eyes with the sexy gorgeous Reid Holder and his wicked smile makes her catch her breath. Badass, hockey player extraordinaire Reid does not do media interviews but will give Nadia’s brother a comment for his column if he introduces him to Nadia. There is no denying the intense sexual attraction between Nadia and Reid. But, past experience has Nadia sworn off dating athletes. As Nadia tries her best to resist the attraction between them, Reid is as persistent in pursuing Nadia. Unable to resist the lust urges the couple finds themselves bonding emotionally beyond the phenomenal sex. Will the couple be able to find their happily-ever-after as the media intrudes into their lives, as their families voice concern over the racial difference between the couple, and their opposite life styles clash?

Ms. Smith delivers a delicious swoon-worthy romance that packs a punch with blazing love scenes, awesome characters and delectable banter. Reid is the ultimate alpha male hero but Nadia is definitely his equal and knows when to push back when he becomes overwhelming. Though the relationship between the couple moves at a fast-pace, we get to know the hero and heroine as individuals and a couple. This also allows for secondary characters to be introduced and for secondary storylines to provide a layered richness to the storyline as there is a network of support for the couple. Fans will enjoy references or appearances of characters from prior books.

As the couple makes mistakes in their relationship I enjoyed how their working through these issues enhances their relationship and how, as a couple, they became a force to be reckoned with.

As an interracial romance, I appreciated how the issue of race was handled. It was an initial shock to Nadia’s father and Reid’s mother the race of the person their child choose as their partner but once they got to know Reid and Nadia on a personal level it was not an issue to them.

Ms. Smith is known for her endlessly inventive sex scenes and this book will brings the heat as expected. The love scenes are anchored by the evolving relationship making the emotional connection as moving as the sizzling sensuality.

WICKED GAMES is the first book in the Denver Rebels series. Just when you think we have had enough sport series romance, Ms. Smith reels us back in with an enthralling series that will have readers turning the pages. I am already looking forward to the next book in the series. The majority of the book takes place in Denver with a pit stop in Detroit.

WICKED GAMES is a deeply engrossing well-written love story that will wrap around any reader’s heart. I recommend to readers who enjoy a pitch-perfect ultra-romantic storyline.

26th April 2016 |