Review: Touch of Paradise
Harlequin Kimani Romance
June 2015
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: C
REVIEW: What is it about tropical islands that breed romance?  In TOUCH OF PARADISE, Dara Girad delivers a lively tale of romance and secrets that flourish on the exotic island of St. James.

On a college spring break trip to St. James, Rebecca Cromwell falls madly in love with Aaron Wethers, the handsome dark brooding eccentric young man who rescues her from drowning. A string of unfortunate occurrences and miscommunications sends her home in tears vowing to return to St. James someday to fulfill a personal vendetta.

Fast-forward ten years. Aaron is a “practical and rational” workaholic who is hell-bent on preserving the international reputation of Red Baron Villa Resorts, his family’s property on the island of St. James. He is a complex man who is respected and sometimes feared by his employees. He deems himself a relationship failure because women misinterpret his cool exterior.

What others find as boring intrigues Rebecca. She is a rags-to-riches, creative, artsy fashion designer who is invited by Aaron’s sister, Candace, to launch her new fashion line at the Red Baron Villas Resort, much to the chagrin of Aaron and amidst several potentially show sabotaging incidents.  Although, Aaron and Rebecca are total opposites, they both have a creative side that Aaron rarely allows others to see.

TOUCH OF PARADISE is about reunions, curses, secrets, trickery, heart ache and mystery. In addition to the main characters, others impacting the story include Aaron’s son, his grandmother, and the head of security, Rebecca’s sister, her grandmother and her assistant Kelli.  The novel starts off strong, and I really liked where it was headed, however, when Rebecca and Aaron become a couple the storyline deteriorates. The novel improves greatly near the end when Rebecca and Aaron realize the depth of their love and the rationale for saving their tormented relationship.  Had the story’s momentum picked up earlier TOUCH OF PARADISE would have been more entertaining.

1st August 2015 |