Review: To Claim a Wilde
TO CLAIM A WILDE - Kimberly Kaye Terry
Harlequin Kimani Romance
September 2015
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING: B
REVIEW: Naomi McBride left home to pursue her dream of becoming a pediatrician.  On a visit home, she decides to let loose and enjoys one passionate night with Canton Wilde. Deeply ashamed of her behavior and not wanting to face Canton the morning after, she leaves without saying goodbye. Over the years, Naomi never forgets Canton and often wonders what would have happened if she had stayed.

Seven years later, Naomi is compelled to return home to try and save her family’s ranch from foreclosure. Canton can’t believe his luck when Naomi arrives at his home seeking his family’s help. Even though he has the ability to put her mind at ease, Canton takes this opportunity to punish Naomi for leaving him years ago. He agrees to help her on one condition; she has to be his escort for the next several weeks. What started out as a punishment turns into pleasure for both Canton and Naomi. After spending time together, they realize how much they love each other. But will Naomi forgive Canton when she finds out that he deceived her?

Canton Wilde is the CFO of Wilde Oil Enterprises. He’d much rather be out on one of their oil rig sites with the men overseeing the drill, or working on one of the oil rigs alongside them. He likes being in the field with the men much better.  That is more his style than being stuck behind a desk dealing with corporate America.

Naomi McBride is a sensitive, dedicated pediatrician who worked for a while at a clinic in Texas in a disenfranchised neighborhood providing care for patients who are less fortunate. That same caring attitude is what brings her home to take care of loving parents who sacrificed so much for her to attend medical school.

TO CLAIM A WILDE, the author introduces a new set of Wildes. First up is Canton and Naomi’s story. These two characters discover love and passion after spending one incredible night together. This fits with the author’s description of Canton as a brooding cowboy who has never forgotten that night or Naomi.  Naomi vows never to give into the feelings Canton aroused in her seven years ago.

In her writing, the author gives us a clear picture of when these two finally decide to take a chance on each other and place their hearts on the line. Great storyline with good pacing with just enough intrigue to keep the story interesting. I can’t wait to see what’s behind the Rolling Hills Corporation, the mysterious company scheming to buy up all the land in that part of Wyoming. Hopefully the author will reveal a little more details on this mystery in the next book in this series.  This was a good read and I enjoyed reading it and I’m sure you will as well.

16th November 2015 |