Review:  Thief of My Heart
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
February 2015
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell|  RATING: A
REVIEW: Loving a man who has been dead for ten years and suddenly realizing he was no knight in shining armor proves life altering for Desiree Gains. How does any man compete with this scenario?

Janice Sims tackles this challenge in THIEF OF MY HEART the third installment in her series devoted to the headstrong Gaines sisters, Lauren, Desiree, Petra, Mina and Meghan. They are the daughters of a retired U.S. Army general and his over-bearing school principal wife. The first installment, THIS WINTER NIGHT, is the story of the oldest sister Lauren and her husband Colton. SAFE IN MY ARMS is the second book in the series and shares the story of Mina Gaines and Jake Wolf. This novel focuses on Desiree and her long-time admirer Decker.

Desiree, a straight-laced psychologist, has been avoiding Decker Riley, her sister Lauren’s cousin-in-law, for two years. They met at a funeral - not the most appropriate place to begin a romance. Desiree has shunned Decker’s repeated advances because of his playboy reputation and she feels he isn’t worthy of the pedestal her late fiancé rests on.

Decker Riley is an aspiring attorney in a prestigious firm contemplating some life changes. After being passed over for partner he decides to take his talents elsewhere. After repeated shuns by Desiree he decides on one last attempt to win her over before moving on. Luckily for him, Desiree’s late fiancé’s secret persuades her that she has ignored Decker long enough.

Other characters impacting the story include Desiree’s endearing sisters; and Desiree and Decker’s respective parents. The primary setting of this story is Raleigh, North Carolina, with one very steamy excursion to a family cabin in rural North Carolina.

Decker lovingly helps Desiree emerge from mourning and experience a true loving relationship. Her transformation from introvert to aggressor is quicker than I expected, but welcomed nonetheless. I rooted for Dexter and always thought their common interests made them a great match.

I have enjoyed getting to know the Gaines sisters with each installment being better than the last. This one is a pure love story with a minor subplot that could have easily been major had Decker chosen a different level of involvement. I am anxious for Petra Gaines’ story. Sims tantalizes the readers with some tasty morsels that guarantee her story will be explosive. I highly recommend THIEF OF MY HEART. Sims’ easy writing style allows this novel to work as a stand-alone, but indulge and start at the beginning with first installment.

1st April 2015 |