Review: The Sweetest Kiss
Harlequin Kimani Romance
November 2015
REVIEWER:   Janet Caldwell| RATING:  A
REVIEW: Can one bad apple spoil the whole bunch?  In THE SWEETEST KISS, Candace Shaw’s latest addition to the Chasing Love series, Tiffani Chase-Lake questions whether her new knight in shining armor is as noble as he appears or rotten to the core like her deceased husband.

Tiffani has been widowed for three years and is consumed with raising her son and growing her baking hobby into a lucrative business.  After enduring a less than perfect marriage to a control-freak, she is resolute that no man will ever dominate her again. Though,she has sworn off relationships, she cautiously agrees to a dating concept she has only envisioned in her fantasies. A persistent Broderick and her weakening resistance primes Tiffani for a “new passionate experience that she’d never knew possible”.

Self-made multi-millionaire business mogul Broderick Hollingsworth has all the luxuries any man could desire. He isn’t a playboy; as a matter of fact, he is somewhat of loner.  Sure he dates, but he plans to marry only when he finds the “right woman”.  Surprisingly, he discovers who he believes is the right woman at of all places, the wedding of an associate.  To his dismay he soon learns she is only interested in a “be in the moment” type of relationship, free of permanence and constraints.

The setting for this new adventure is primarily Atlanta with a steamy trip to the Florida Keys that includes an amusing introduction to the “Mile High Club”.  This story provides fans of the series an update on the Chase family characters.  I admit, there are now so many that Shaw should consider including a family chart to keep them all organized.

Shaw delivers a sweet story of love redefined that is nearly sabotaged by what appears as an attempt by big business to eradicate small businesses.  She puts a refreshing spin on the often used romance storyline touting all men are bad based on a previous relationship.  Shaw’s engaging writing style draws you into Tiffani and Broderick’s rocky relationship, allowing you to feel the anguish they endure. In addition, she addresses Tiffani’s mistreatment by her deceased husband with compassion.  All these components make
THE SWEETEST KISS a wonderful addition to the Chasing Love series.

5th December 2015 |