Review: The Mayor's Mission
Liliaceae Publishers
January 2015
REVIEWER:  Brenda Maxwell |  RATING: A
REVIEW: Milford, Georgia- April 1868: Milford Teachers and Preachers College is in trouble. The mission of the school is to create teachers and preachers out of the recently freed slave population of Milford, Georgia. The TROUBLE stems from the founders of the school Amanda and Virgil Smithson. Virgil just returned from a long and tiring business trip, attending to the newly established state capitol in Atlanta. He has to go back soon and wants to take his Mandy with him. But - is his Mandy pregnant? Amanda wants Virgil home, attending to her, their growing family, and their town.

Amanda has hired her former classmate, Robert Lakey, from Oberlin College back in Ohio, to help with the school. He is also the Milford liaison to the nearby white and prejudiced town of Crumpton, Georgia. Is he a bit too friendly with Amanda? What was going on while Virgil was in Atlanta? To add insult to injury, the Milford daughters-in-law have come to town to claim their “inheritance” and they set Amanda’s world and the school on its ear.

Virgil wears the mayoral hat in THE MAYOR’S MISSION, as opposed to preacher in THE PREACHER’S PROMISE. The story explores the fledgling business of blacks in the political, social, and educational arenas during post Civil War, Georgia. Racism is entrenched and the citizens of Milford have an up-mountain battle. How do you cope when husband and wife have different agendas? How do you cope in spite of a fearful past, heartbreak, murder, and unjust laws? THE MAYOR’S MISSION says GOD is the answer.

THE MAYOR’S MISSION takes place during the Reconstruction Era in Milford, Georgia, a small town with newly freed slaves as its main populace. Situated near the prejudiced and unchanging, neighboring town of Crumpton, Virgil, Amanda, their friends (and foes), along with the citizens of Milford forge through the complicated process of establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with locally and on the state’s political front. The entire town is in on the act and they play their roles well. In this story old friends, Pauline and Isaac, are front and center alongside Virgil and Amanda.

Piper Huguley does a superb job of making Milford and its characters come alive. I found the story to be both enjoyable and informative. It is evident Ms. Huguley did her research in writing this book. It perfectly fits the bill of historical romance and mainstream fiction. THE MAYOR’S MISSION is book two in the Home to Milford College series. It picks up where THE PREACHER’S PROMISE leaves off and with the great promise of more to come. I am so looking forward to the rest of the story.

1st March 2015 |