Review: The Forbidden Man
Grand Central Publishing/Forever
August 2015
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Elle Wright’s new novel, THE FORBIDDEN MAN, features a scandalous tale of one woman caught between two brothers!

Sydney Williams and Morgan Smith met in college but did not pursue their mutual attraction because of her brother’s connection to Morgan. Sydney eventually begins dating Morgan’s brother, Caden, after he rescues her from a harrowing ordeal. After years of putting up with Caden’s problems and infidelity, Sydney ends their relationship. Morgan is ashamed and angered by Caden’s actions and while attempting to console her, they cross the line from friends to lovers.  At first, Sydney and Morgan are troubled by their behavior but realize their feelings are deeper than two people seeking and giving comfort. Morgan has always loved Sydney and Sydney’s feelings for Caden is more from gratitude than love. Sadly though, Caden is unaware of this new development and plans to win Sydney back.  Morgan and Sydney are uncertain whether their forbidden love is worth the firestorm of repercussions that is sure to come their way once their relationship is revealed.
The story progresses fairly quickly, moving from one situation to the next without tedium. Sydney proves to be a strong woman after recovering from unimaginable suffering. Having the man who rescued her, subsequently break her heart, must also add to her pain. Morgan is the quiet strength Sydney needs to pull herelf from servitude towards Caden. While Morgan feels guilt-ridden over loving his brother’s ex, he feels justified because of Caden’s callous behavior.

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THE FORBIDDEN MAN is very modern and suited to the characters who freely express themselves in colorful and descriptive dialogue. Sydney and Morgan have a comfortable rapport that is evident from the beginning. The undercurrent of feelings between them is clear; even before they act on it. Morgan and Sydney are powerless to stop but palpable tortured over falling for each other. On a quick note; I found the characters’ persistent alcohol consumption very disconcerting and distracting; especially since it did not meaningfully enrich the overall story.
THE FORBIDDEN MAN deals with the taboo subject of one woman forming relationships with two brothers. At first my personal feelings warred with the idea and I had a hard time wishing for a happily-ever-after for this couple. And then Ms. Wright slowly won me over.  The more I read, the more apparent it was that just like in real life, love does not always happen the way we foresee it and at times, it can even be messy.  However, if the love is real: it is worth fighting for.

20th August 2015 |