Review:  The Come Up
THE COME UP - Nia Forrester
Stiletto Press
March 2015
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell  | RATING: A
REVIEW: THE COME UP features Makayla Hughes (the heroine) and Jamal Turner (the hero) who find love while navigating through the music industry as employees of Scaife Enterprises aka SE, a highly touted entertainment conglomerate. While the aspiring Makayla works in the PR department of SE, Jamal is SE’s “rainmaker” who has his sights on stepping into the coveted position of CEO of SE that was founded by his close friend, Chris Scaife. Jamal and Makayla’s love affair is intricately tied to their positions at SE and the grooming and polishing of a young talent, Devin Parks, who just happens to be Makayla’s best friend, and as Nia Forrester so aptly stated, “the fault-line in their (Jamal & Makayla) relationship”.

So, the premise of this book revolves around the question when you “come up” does it mean that you leave behind those you knew before your success and modify your principles. This novel flawlessly examined this theme, along with the inner workings of the music industry; the ‘shot caller’ executives, the ‘big baller’ artists, the behind the scene assistants and the endless appearances, trips, and cover-up fixer antics that define the music industry. New York was, of course, the perfect place to set all this drama, and the hero, Jamal Turner was the perfect exec to serve as our guide through the music industry labyrinth. Makayla is Jamal’s “come up” because she is so different from the usual ladies of his past. While Jamal is driven, Makayla is devoted. As lovers, their chemistry is off the chart hot!

I loved, loved, loved the side characters! Devin Parks is a stand out. His history with Makayla, the dark secret that has him conflicted, and his attempt to stay true to his art is like a story within a story.

Now I have a confession to make. The novels, COMMITMENT, AFTERWARDS, and AFTERBURN are precursors to THE COME UP. These books were in my ‘To Be Read’ pile, but they have now been moved to my ‘Read Now’ list! Riley/Shawn, Chris/Robyn (side characters in THE COME UP) have their own stories in the previously mentioned novels. Who knew? As a stand alone or part of a series, THE COME UP is a winner and I highly recommend it!

3rd April 2015 |