Review: The Christmas Promise
Samhain Publishing
November 2015
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW: For three years Jennifer McClendon fosters anger and resentment against the father of her children.  Believing that he had abandoned her, she resigned herself to raising her children on her own.  A chance meeting brings her face to face with Simeon Baker, the man who promised to stand by her if their one passionate night together results in pregnancy.  Simeon thought he would never see Jennifer again and is taken aback when she pretends she doesn’t know him. Simeon realizes he is still attracted to Jennifer and wants to get to know her better as they intended before his accident. Jennifer is unaware that Simeon never received any of the phone calls regarding the twins and is angry with herself for still being attracted to him. After the misunderstanding is cleared up Jennifer and Simeon move forward with their relationship. It’s a long road back but they discover that they love each other and want to make a family for their children.

Jennifer McClendon is a hairstylist and single mother raising her twins alone with the help of her loving family. In the absence of their father she has no choice but to move on with her life and try to overcome the difficult task of raising her children without him. Her babies are happy and healthy and that’s the only thing that matters to her.

Simeon Baker is a software engineer who lost the last three years of his life because of a horrific accident. With all the hell he went through, Simeon is blessed to have his life back. Through it all one person remained constant on his mind. And now he is determined to reconnect with the beautiful woman he spent one incredible week.

THE CHRISTMAS PROMISE is a romantic story of pain, misunderstanding, anger, heartache and finally love. This is the second book in The McClendon Holiday Series.  Ms. Young did a good job of weaving an engaging story sure to pull the reader in and maintain their interest. Jennifer and Simeon’s story takes you on emotional highs and lows. They were separated for three years but found their way back to each other. Simeon’s pain and suffering make you want to weep for him. Jennifer’s ability to take care of her babies is commendable.  Simeon and Jennifer’s characters are complex but very likeable and they have so much in common. Finally, they go through the process of building a relationship that started years ago.

THE CHRISTMAS PROMISE was very realistic and shows very real circumstances that life can throw at you.  The other characters include Jennifer’s parents and sisters.  The McClendon’s are a very loving group with family values and traditions.  They take care of each other the way a family should.  Love this family.  Kudos to the author for writing such an endearing story from beginning to end!

1st February 2016 |