Review: The Best She Ever Had
Kensington Dafina/Fiction
January 2015
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer|  RATING: B+
REVIEW: In Shelly Ellis’ latest work, THE BEST SHE EVER HAD, Cynthia Gibbons is determined to hold out for a rich husband but succumbing to love may be her biggest payout ever.
Cynthia Gibbons once disregarded the family rules, fell in love with Korey Walker, and then chose to marry someone with money instead. For years Cynthia avoids Korey until she discovers her daughter, Clarissa, is dating his son, Jared. A terrifying misgiving comes rearing to the surface and Cynthia forbids the relationship. In rebellion, Clarissa and Jared decide to elope.  While trying to find the teens, Cynthia and Korey rediscover old feelings and the chance to try again proves too tempting to deny. After finding the teens, Cynthia reveals her suspicions with devastating results. Cynthia stills hopes her happily-ever-after is possible, but she must to do something she’s never done -- put her heart on the line.
Shelly Ellis’s novels are attention grabbing from start to finish and THE BEST SHE EVER HAD is no exception.
Cynthia is very acerbic and often states her opinions to the distress of others.  Her sisters and Korey are often on the receiving end of her abrasive personality.  Korey is very level-headed except when dealing with Cynthia. His one character flaw is flirting with women in Vegas while looking for his son. On the surface Cynthia and Korey seem like oil and water but love and rationale seldom make good bedfellows.
The story is set in a relatively small town called Chesterton and the Gibbons’ infamy makes it difficult to have regular lives even after giving up their man hunting ways.
The Gibbons family is quite vocal and dialogue plays a strong role in mapping out the story. Korey and Cynthia’s exchanges are very heated whether they are on good terms or bad. While Cynthia is high-strung, Korey is far more laid and seems to balance out her crazy. Their exchanges make for some of the most hilariously enjoyable moments. There are many emotions expressed throughout the story but humor often eases the seriousness of the various troubling circumstances.
While Korey’s distraction in Vegas is irritating, THE BEST SHE EVER HAD is madly entertaining and riotously funny. Ellis has proven that she’s here to stay and I can’t wait to see what follows.
22nd March 2015 |