Review: The Art of Deception
D. Camille
October 2015
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell  | RATING: A+
REVIEW: Followers of the Black Diamond Series knew that this book, THE ART OF DECEPTION, was going to be special. D. Camille did not disappoint. THE ART OF DECEPTION features Ray Parker, also known as the Sun God. He is the third partner in Black Diamond Holdings, the shell company that covers for an elite special force called the Black Diamonds. As in the other three books of the series, the setting is Los Angeles, California, but the setting takes a back seat to the strong storyline and characterization in this book and in the series.

This book is not your regular romance novel where boy meets girl, they fall in love, overcome a conflict or two, and live happily ever after. Those elements are present, but there’s so much more that the author, D. Camille, infuses into her story. The reader is taken to school and introduced to the Khemetic beliefs through the protagonist, Ray, which gives the storyline another engaging dimension. Of course, our Sun God must have a mate in the person of Isabelle Martin, his Moon. Their mating is hot, sensual and reaches a level that is akin to being spiritual. The secondary characters are from the other three books in the series with a few exceptions. Keep in mind that this is the final book of the Black Diamond Series where true identities are revealed, long buried secrets are exposed, and relationships are put to the test. As the title,
THE ART OF DECEPTION, implies, there are numerous deceptions that can only be uncovered when the truth is revealed.

There are so many facets to this book. Not only are we introduced to aspects of Khemetic culture that is brilliantly intertwined into the storyline, we are also confronted with the horrors of sex trafficking that becomes a force that drives the conflict. In order to fully appreciate and understand
THE ART OF DECEPTION, I suggest that you start with Book 1 and work your way through to Book 4. It will prove to be great reading that not only entertains but educates. There’s another reason you should familiarize yourself with this series. The next series, UNCUT, will feature the next generation of Diamonds. THE ART OF DECEPTION does exactly what you would expect the last book of a series to do. All questions are answered and loose ends are neatly tied. I highly recommend it!

23rd November 2015 |