Review: Summer at Kendall Farm
SUMMER ON KENDALL FARM - Shirley Hailstock
Harlequin Heartwarming
January 2015
Beverly Jackson |  RATING: C
REVIEW: Jason (Jace) Kendall is surprised and perturbed when he unexpectedly returns home to Kendall Farms after five years and discovers his family no longer owns the horse farm. Now jobless and homeless, Jace worries, first, on the next steps for him and his four year-old adopted son, Ari and, secondary, how did his family lose the farm and how can he reclaim it.

Kelly Ashton is surprised and skeptical when Jace turns up on her doorstep late one rainy night. Kelly left a successful corporate career and heartache behind returning to her hometown and by scraping her pennies together bought the dilapidated horse farm. Kind-hearted and compassionate, Kelly offers Jace a job and a place to stay. Initially clashing over Kelly’s plans to make Kendall Farms viable again, Jace and Kelly find they work well together. But now a secret and a mistake is a wedge between their hearts.

Veteran author Shirley Hailstock pens a heartfelt tale of a heroine and hero whose returns to their hometown unleashes insecurities marring their road to their happily-ever-after. Events in Kelly’s past have her on high alert for being used by others. And while I understood her feelings, too often her “pity parties” with herself became a little too much. Jace has a chip on his shoulder about his past yet also has an entitlement attitude when it comes to Kendall Farms. But though he mentally resolves these issues, he does not express them to Kelly. I would have liked to see more emotional conflict between the couple or better communication to help feel their attraction to each other. Readers will identity with Kelly and Jace in their desire for family and love but the resolution of their emotional baggage tied up a little too quickly at the end.

Windsor Heights, a town in horse country Maryland is the perfect backdrop for the story. The beautiful landscape, the adorable Ari, and the secondary storyline of Jace’s half-brother add a layer of richness to the story.

SUMMER ON KENDALL FARM is part of the Harlequin Heartwarming series of wholesome romances which emphasizes emotional tenderness rather than sexual desire. This is perfect book for readers to share with teenagers interested in reading romance or those fans of sweet clean romances.

10th February 2015 |