Review: A Yultide Affair
Entangled Press/Lovestruck
December 2015
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Revenge is a strong motivation but love proves more powerful as portrayed in Jamie Wesley’s latest novel, SLAMDUNKED BY LOVE.

Caitlin Monroe wants revenge against her father for abandoning her then pregnant mother to pursue his NBA career. Caitlin sets her plans in motion but an even better one presents itself in the form of Brady Hudson, newest member of her father’s team.  NBA’s bad boy, Brady Hudson finds himself traded after a nasty scandal and a falling out with his former team. He is ready to put the past behind him and move on. When Brady becomes the recipient of unwelcomed attention, he recruits Caitlin’s help. In the meantime, Caitlin gathers ammunition to take her father down but learns that Brady is more than the arrogant hothead portrayed in the media. While Caitlin believes her father deserves the humiliation coming his way, her decision to use Brady as collateral damage becomes muddled. Caitlin’s well-laid plans are no longer simple because taking down her father means betraying the man she is growing to love.

moves fairly quickly as Caitlin stumbles into an opportune moment and from there the story takes off at an avid pace. Caitlin Monroe is first introduced in TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD as the smart and beautiful radio producer and best friend to Dr. Noelle Butler. Despite her accomplishments Caitlin dwells on the past, trying to make amends for events she neither caused nor can change. Brady on the other hand looks toward the future and completely puts his unpleasant past behind him. He knows firsthand that dwelling on the past only hurts. The characters are modern, lifelike and breathe realism into the story.

The setting holds more meaning for Brady because while most of the story is set in Dallas; New York is likewise integral because this is where Brady’s career is launched and later, where his dreams are yanked from beneath him. Dallas represents a new start for aspects of his life.

There is an easy flow to the dialogue in this novel. Caitlin and Brady particularly share a connection that is informal and refreshing. Even during their first and unexpected encounter; it is obvious a connection was formed.

SLAMDUNKED BY LOVE follows the same easy read and uncomplicated story plot as Wesley’s, TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD. This novel is a very good follow up readers will thoroughly enjoy. It is important to note that while the some of the characters are from TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD, the novels do not have to be read consecutively.

24th January 2016 |