Review: Sin City Temptation
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
March 2015
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming|  RATING: A
REVIEW: Gunner Brooks is a friend of Trinity Layton’s brother, but she can’t stand the handsome player.  Trinity secretly had a crush on Gunner when he was in college even though she considers him a skirt chaser.  Gunner is now a very well-known professional poker player and in need of protection. Trinity’s first thought is to turn him down as a client. To keep her personal security business afloat and increase her client base, Trinity agrees to be Gunner’s personal bodyguard.  Since her teenage crush was over years ago, Trinity feels she will be safe spending so much time in Gunner’s presence. Trying to remain professional while babysitting Gunner proves to be more of a challenge than Trinity anticipates. Not only does she still have feelings for Gunner, he seems to feel the same about her. The attraction between them intensifies when Gunner ask Trinity to pretend to be his girlfriend while she’s guarding him. Trinity has a personal dislike for gamblers but she can’t help being tempted and eventually falling for the sinfully sexy poker player.

Gunner has taken the game of poker and turned it into a very lucrative career as a professional poker player. His patience, analytical skills and self-control makes him one of the best poker players to ever play the game.  Gunner is very serious about what he does.  He doesn’t rely on luck.  He treats poker like a job and has made an amazing living doing something he has trained for.  He spends his days and nights studying the game, learning his opponents’ playing style.  He never allows anything or anyone to distract him from the game; until now.

Trinity is a formal police officer, who worked SWAT and now runs a personal security business.  She sees all her experience as training for what she does now; still protecting individuals but on a private level.  Trinity also has a big heart for those living on the streets and plans to open her own homeless shelter in the near future.  Her one blind spot is, she hates gamblers!

SIN CITY TEMPTATION is a very good title for this book. But honestly with a hot, sexy poker player like Gunner involved, being in any city with him, would be a temptation.  From the moment Gunner walks into Trinity’s office, the chemistry between them is sizzling just under the surface.  How ironic the author gives Gunner a profession that Trinity detest.  Their journey to happily ever after is hindered by Gunner’s expertise in the game of poker and Trinity’s inability to see it as anything other than a game of chance.  Somehow they manage to navigate their way through their differences. The author did a great job with Gunner and Trinity and I love their characters together. Great writing Sharon Cooper!  This sexually tension filled story is set in Las Vegas. It has a good plot and the pacing moves along effortless. The other characters add more substance to the storyline, especially the homeless who are very near and dear to Trinity’s heart.

SIN CITY TEMPTATION was firing on all cylinders. I read it from cover to cover within a few hours. It’s a great read that’s sure to keep you entertained with every page. I highly recommend it.

1st April 2015 |