Review: Seduced By The Hero
Harlequin Kimani/Romance

November 2015
REVIEWER:   Janet Caldwell| RATING:  B
REVIEW: The old adage, “third time’s a charm” coupled with the Morretti male charisma proves no match for Dionne Fontaine.  Pamela Yaye’s fifth installment in the Morretti Millionaires series continues the saga of the fine and wealthy Italian men who are melting hearts and living the American dream.

This novel picks up where
SEDUCED BY MR. RIGHT, the emotional story of race car driver, Emilio Morretti and life coach, Sharleen Nichols, ends.  The heroine of SEDUCED BY THE HERO is Sharleen’s boss, Dionne Fontaine, the uptight CEO/owner of Pathways Center in Atlanta.

Dionne is embroiled in a bitter divorce - her second. After two failed marriages she vows to give up on men and work nonstop at expanding her business and keeping her high profile clients happy.  Convinced her desire for a divorce stems from having an affair, and not due of his own infidelities, Dionne’s husband, Jules, hires Immanuel Morretti, Emilio’s estranged brother and owner of Mastermind Operations, to trail her. Immanuel personally agrees to take this surveillance case because Jules Fontaine’s high profile connections could boost his burgeoning security business. While on assignment, Immanuel witnesses Dionne being mugged and instinctively springs into rescue mode to protect her from the assailant. This attack is the foundation for a suspenseful back story.  Immanuel’s overwhelming desire to protect Dionne at all costs awakens hidden feelings.  Not knowing she is under surveillance, Dionne interprets Immanuel’s rescue as a heroic act by a good Samaritan. Dionne is grateful for his rescue and vows to repay him for coming to her aid and assisting her above and beyond after the attack.

Following the attack Dionne and Immanuel participate in a game of one-upmanship paying each other back with niceties. This competition subtly turns into something neither of them plans or is prepared for.  Dionne and Immanuel are an odd couple, but the comfortable camaraderie between the two can’t be ignored.  She is a petite diva and he is tall, dark and brooding.

Other characters impacting this story include the Morretti family, specifically Emilio; Dionne’s overbearing siblings and parents; her estranged husband and his family. Her family’s insistence she continue her unhappy marriage due to cultural beliefs and pride is excessive. I liked the story line of
SEDUCED BY THE HERO, however, weak transitioning between some scenes affects the flow of the novel.  Also, Dionne and Immanuel lacked the depth of passion we saw between Emilio and Sharleen in SEDUCED BY MR RIGHTFor fans of the series, Yaye remains loyal to her storyline of biracial relationships with complementing storylines. Her next novel focuses on Immanuel’s younger brother Dante Morretti.

1st March 2016 |