Review: Secrets Uncovered
Samhain Publishing
July 2015
REVIEWER:  Beverly Jackson | RATING: C
REVIEW: Sharp-tongued and outspoken Kem Phillips is a successful TV producer who prides herself at keeping her emotions at bay but a weak moment of loneliness has her saying, ‘Yes’ to an incredible night of lovemaking with the gentlemanly charming Brent McKenzie. Brent, the lead actor on Kem’s currently successful show, has been admiring Kem from afar and hopes their wonderful night together is the start of being the personal lead man in her life. Kem brushes him off as a one-night-stand as her reality sets in but she cannot get Brent out of her head or her bed. When a personal emergency sends Kem into an emotional tailspin, Brent becomes her anchor. Will Brent be able to write the script for their happily-ever-after or will Kem’s past write him out of her life forever?

Goss has penned a charmingly sensitive romance around the themes of loss and new beginnings. Kem is a genuine but flawed heroine who uses her work as a crutch to avoid her emotions regarding her past and intimate relationships. While I understand her reasoning for not trusting men and relationships, her caustic remarks to Brent are too harsh, especially when Brent proves himself to be there for Kem; no matter what the issue. This makes Kem come off as a bitter woman to me. Brent is an overall good guy and always has Kem’s best interest in mind. The one time he missteps and asks for Kem’s trust feels like a forced plot twist to me. While the hero and heroine both have secrets in their past, the hero’s secret once again proves what a decent guy he is. Goss effectively captures the grief and loss Kem feels over the death of her mother so have tissues ready when reading these scenes. This was the most emotionally poignant event in the book.

SECRETS UNCOVERED is the third book in the Women in Hollywood series and like the previous two books in the series has a light and breezy style making it a quick read. Familiar characters make occasional appearances without dominating the story. Overall, I did find the plot a little too predictable and the journey between the couple to be a little sluggish. Kudos to Aunt Edna who steals every scene she is in.

27th September 2015 |