Review: Wishing Lake
Kensington Dafina/Romance
February 2015
REVIEWER:  Ashley Slater|  RATING: B
REVIEW: High School teacher and professional football player Tanya Martin’s hope for a carefree Sunday is shattered when she “runs” into Cam Simmons. It has been five years since Tanya has laid eyes on her best friend (and secret crush) from high school, and now he wants to pick up the conversation as if he never left. Her second jolt of the day happens minutes later as she finds out her father’s gym is in dire financial troubles. When Cam offers to pay off the loan, Tanya haughtily turns him down.  Cam, Super Bowl MVP, is only in town to convince his mother to move from her economically deteriorating neighborhood. He cannot understand Tanya’s cold shoulder treatment but he is convinced that over his month’s stay he can get back into her good graces. Tanya just cannot allow Cam’s charm to pull her back into his orbit but she definitely has an itch that needs to be scratched. Cam realizes he needs to follow Tanya’s lead but knows there is no reward without risk. Will his Hail Mary pass secure the couple’s happily-ever-after?

Arden delivers a delightful sweet sports romance between a fiery-natured heroine and charismatic hero with high doses of sizzling sensuality and emotional intensity to capture a readers heart. This is a blend of friends-to-lovers and second chance-like tale. Tanya is one tough independent lady who gives her all to those she loves, her careers, and her community and values loyalty. Cam’s drifting away without an explanation broke Tanya’s heart. Seeing Cam again brings back all those unresolved feelings. Tanya’s journey is for her to understand what makes her happy and how to let go. I really enjoyed Tanya was a competitive athlete who had no qualms about competing even against male athletics. The athletic competitions between her and Cam are endearing and helped to remind the couple of what they liked about each other. Cam does not intentionally stop communicating with Tanya. He is just caught up in his football career and all its demand on and off the field. At times Cam comes across as clueless but he is good-natured and unselfishly helps others. Cam is a very likeable hero and I kept rooting for him.

A declining neighborhood in Cleveland Ohio is the setting for the story and allows for the secondary storyline regarding gentrification and the displacement of longer term residents. This along with well-developed secondary characters who felt like family added a realistic touch to the story.

RUNNING INTERFERENCE is the first book in the Cleveland Clash Football series, which will center on members of the female professional football team. This is a much welcomed addition to the sport romance genre and I look forward to reading the next book in the series. I recommend this book to sports romance fans and those who enjoy heart-grabbing story with poignant emotional undertones and passionate romance.

22nd March 2015 |