Review:  Rumor Has It
RUMOR HAS IT - Cheris Hodges
Kensington Dafina/Romance
May 2015
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING: B+
REVIEW: There is some truth in most rumors and author, Cheris Hodges perfectly illustrates this in her new and titillating novel, RUMOR HAS IT.

Public Relationships consultant, Liza Palmer is certain her best-friend Robert Montgomery is the perfect senatorial candidate until she accidentally discovers his dark and duplicitous side. Coming to terms with Robert not being the best person to serve after all, Liza decides to provide his opponent with damaging information against him. Surprisingly, Sergeant Jackson Franklin is only interested in winning by the votes and not by shaming his opponent. Jackson is, however, very interested in getting to know Liza. Unfortunately, associating with his rival’s former supporter soon brings disparaging scrutiny to Jackson’s campaign. Despite the fall-out, Jackson is determined to run a clean campaign while cultivating his budding relationship with Liza. Campaigns have crumbled under less pressure but Jackson is committed to winning the race and Liza’s heart.

RUMOR HAS IT is a fast past novel that flows like a movie with vivid descriptions and Technicolor characters.

Liza Palmer is an image consultant and while she protects the image of her friends and clients she doesn’t do a very good job of protecting her own. It made for good drama but was disconcerting to see her act so carelessly about concealing her involvement with Jackson and her many public confrontations with Robert. It does, however, speak towards a fiercely loyal person, willing to protect those she cares for.

Jackson Franklin is almost too good to be true. He’s handsome, thoughtful and down-to-earth. If ever someone was suited to lead, he certainly is. Jackson sets the tone for his life and does not compromise his morals for anyone or anything. Other characters such as Robert Montgomery and Liza’s best-friend, Chante, round out a list of interesting characters who frame a very entertaining story.

RUMOR HAS IT is set in huge military town in North Carolina which gives substance to the plot. The dialogue is contemporary and makes for three dimensional characters. Liza is sophisticated and intelligent but can unabashedly assume an urban posturing and vernacular when the occasion arises. Jackson is more even-keeled and his emotions and communication skills are pretty consistent throughout the novel. Liza and Jackson immediately fall into a familiarity which drives them to seemingly reckless actions. This illuminates how deeply both are affected by this new and potentially life changing relationship. The author does a great job broadening the scope of the novel by also painting a vivid picture of military life.

RUMOR HAS IT is a riotously funny story with memorable characters and a beautiful and passionate ending.

1st August 2015 |